Forbes interviews Stephanie and Triple H

Apr 18, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

An excerpt from an article posted featuring interviews with Triple H and Stephanie:

McMahon said she couldn’t answer one romance question publicly, but her husband did.

“What keeps a fire burning? A big log. It keeps the fire burning,” said Triple H.

It’s not easy, at times, to watch the one you love step into the ring against giants. While pro wrestling may be fake, the injuries and athleticism involved is all too real. McMahon said she watched every one of her husband’s matches very closely.

“There’s real danger involved with every match,” said McMahon. “He’s going to get bloody and everything else gets bloody.

“It’s funny because she knows me so well that she sees the smallest little things in there and when I come back she’ll be like, ‘Then this happened,’” said Triple H. “She knows all the little intricacies of everything we do and knows me so well that she can see it whether I’m hurt or not hurt. She’ll be watching almost more intently than anybody.”

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