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Video: WWE Employees contend with an aggressive fandangoer

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  1. Evil Zebra says:

    WWE employees have way too much time on their hands…..

    BUT….. If Lauren is not busy, call me!! 😉

    Take it,

  2. Geoff says:

    yep, WWE officially killed it. Within a week. So typical. WWE should thank London next week.

  3. -J- says:


  4. r says:

    How do I word this……that guys is possibly the most annoying person ive ever seen…nothing like beating it to a bloody pulp!!

  5. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    What’s next?

  6. T says:

    Fandangoing has offically jumped the shark.

  7. Skeeter Valentine says:

    Fandango will soon lose to Darren Young or Santino. It’s over folks. We witnessed the shortest run since the Shockmaster. No offense SS.

  8. ironFNmaiden says:

    o.o Stan Stasiak the former WWF Champion?

  9. Scott II says:

    You have to wonder if this is Vince’s twisted way to say “Screw you, the fans aren’t supposed to put over people, I’ll decide who gets put over… Time to kill this…”

  10. Richard P says:

    They should all be fired for not even doing it half-assed. Very pitiful. Generation Lame.

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