Photo and update on Superstar Billy Graham

Apr 17, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Some photos and a statement have been released by Billy’s agent regarding his health:

(photo credit: PMS)

“In case you are not aware of the post Wrestlecon/Mania trip Billy went on a well deserverd “vacation” with his lovely wife of forever Valerie in her new car, as Billy had never seen the Grand Tetons and this was part of his bucket list with a painting of them at a later date. They traveled approximately 1000 miles from home, are on the Utah/Wyoming border and Billy gets sick in multiple ways…..first possible blockage in colon, ER admitted him as the liver plays tricky stuff with your body. Upon having a bout of Reflux syndrome, it went back down not the esophogas but into the lungs causing pneumonia. This is particularly dangerous because acid reflux going into lungs way different than water has much bacteria …… discovery is that Billy is bleeding internally and they have to find out from where. He is not feeling very well nor ding very well and Valerie is naturally very stressed. I may go there to help her if the air fares come down from outrageous prices.

This is not a very good scenario and far more crucial than the bout her had recently before WM and the ones he gets every so often due to the compromised immune system. Asking all fans, friends, colleagues to seriously pray. I know he is strong as an ox but this time I am actually frightened.

I am going to try to post some pics of him today in hospital but these are copywrited to PMS. I do not mind any web sites using them just kindly clear it with me first by email ( because there are some Wayne does not want to have them for whatever reason. Much appreciated.”

Scott O Epstein, agent and friend

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