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Daily Discussion: The Rock’s injury

Today’s topic: Do you believe the injury sustained at Wrestlemania 29 are legit? Or has The Rock simply lost his smile?

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14 Responses

  1. Chris Wiliiams says:

    Legit injury…case closed

  2. bigman says:

    Hes missed out on some pain and gain stuff and cancelled being at mtv movie awards with fast 6. completely legit.

  3. Kid Vicious says:

    I don’t believe he’s injured.

  4. Big Travis says:

    There is no need to fake it, he coulda been upset and said f this job and rolled out. That would of been a great storyline. I don’t think he is such a big fruitcake to where he fakes an injury, it’s against everything he stands for.

  5. david r. says:

    I don’t think it’s a fake. If he were just wrestling, then maybe. However, I think it was right here on the website where I read that he pulled out of some movie promos, or meet and greets because of the injury. The movie business is his bread and butter now, not wrestling. He can afford it but still, he wouldn’t miss his obligations (wrestling or movies ) unless it was serious.

  6. MC Live says:

    I’ve heard both ways. I have more reason to think its legit, but in the end don’t know, don’t care

  7. Nick A says:

    Yeah, he’s legit hurt. Silly to think otherwise.

  8. cas says:

    everything is a work…even when its a shoot

  9. DudeLove89 says:

    Coming from someone who watched his good friend who’s in the Army Reserves suffer an abdominal injury almost a year ago, I have no reason to believe it’s not legit. My friend couldn’t bend over 90 degrees to pick something up, winced in pain even when he croutched down to try and grab an object… Heck, even standing up I beleive it’s legit. My buddy injured himself pushing himself to be in an incredible shape/build because his unit HAD a deployment planned, which was later scrapped. But he pushed himself way to hard in workouts both back here and when he went to drill once a month. I have no reason to think it wasn’t a similar situation for the Rock. Dude looks like he gives it his all everytime he hits the weights, so between that his heavy schedule for filming and the his occasional matches… Yeah, I think it’s pretty damn legit. Plus he’s 42, to even be a semi active atheltic competitor at that age, your age starts to catch up to you when it comes to physical acts. I wish Rocky nothing but a speeding recovery.

  10. DudeLove89 says:


  11. James says:

    I’m sure it’s Legit. He’s not a full time wrestler anymore, so it’s easier for him to over-train, and pull something much easier then Cena. Sucks, but stuff happens.

  12. mike says:

    Legit hurt. I think he needs to focus on Hollywood career. His career is at its hottest right now. Blockbuster after blockbuster and 2nd highest paid actor after Tom cruise in 2012. I think he finally realized what he’s putting on the line for one more run in WWe. Does anyone know what wwe is paying him?

  13. seth says:

    i really dont care

  14. Dev says:

    Its legit…. Thats it no more explanation needed, get well soon Rocky… We all love you…..

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