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Review of Timeline History of the WWE 1989 DVD‏

by Alan Wojcik

1989 was a transition year in professional wrestling. The AWA was still running high. The Crockett’s had sold out to Turner Broadcasting turning the NWA into WCW and will once again run a Clash of Champions opposite WrestleMania. WWF started the year with “Macho Man” Randy Savage as the World champion, Demolition as the World Tag Team champions and the Ultimate Warrior as the Intercontinental champion while Hulk Hogan returned to WWF from filming ‘No Holds Barred.” By the end of it the MegaPowers that formed at WrestleMania IV would explode at WrestleMania V and things were being moved into place for WrestleMania VI with Hogan and the Warrior. Who better to guide Sean Oliver through TIMELINE: HISTORY OF THE WWE for 1989 than Hogan’s lifelong friend BRUTUS “THE BARBER” BEEFCAKE.

In 1989 Beefcake was ending a feud with Ron Bass and would be part of several battles leading to a tag team match at Summerslam with Hogan taking on Savage and Tom Lister AKA Zeus. Due to this series being in 1989 or possibly personal reasons, Sean Oliver does not cover the near tragic parasailing accident of 1990 that left Beefcake with steel plates, screws and wires holding his face together. In 1989 we will witness the arrivals of the Brooklyn Brawler (Steve Lombardi’s new gimmick), the Bushwhackers, JJ Dillon (in the office), Tony Schiavone (announcer), Fred Ottman as the Big Steel Man (eventually Tugboat) & “the Common Man” Dusty Rhodes w/Sapphire, the conversion of Lanny Poffo into “the Genius”, Rick Martel into “the Model”, Randy Savage into “the Macho King” and Sherri Martel into “Scary Sherri”, the returns of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Barry Windham as “the Widowmaker”, Jake Roberts’s arrest for an alleged fan assault, Demolition dropping the belts to Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (who would be gone by Survivor Series) and Koko B. Ware’s exit after a fight overseas.

Being best buddies with Hogan placed Beefcake around the major angles so Beefcake has some personal insight in to the Savage/Hogan feud, the relationship between Savage and his then wife Elizabeth plus the egomania of the Warrior and the steroid trial that nearly killed the WWF. Pat Patterson’s name comes up several times in this series and this edition gets some interesting insight from Beefcake on his transition into “the Barber” in 1987 after WrestleMania III and how Hulk Hogan saved it from being a lame gimmick like the Red Rooster. Beefcake also offers tips on cutting the hair of the enhancement talent who apparently were paid more by working “the Barber” and who got pissed when they were trimmed. There are some non WWE related stories in the interview that are interesting including one chair shot that nearly did Beefcake in. Just like when I interviewed him in 2011, Beefcake is an engaging person but thank goodness for Sean Oliver and the use of some editing tricks for keeping Beefcake on point. Add this to your collection. Next up on the lineup Wrestling’s Most..Awesome Manager (April 16) and YouShoot with DDP (May 7).

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