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Colt Cabana’s reaction to the new ROH DVD about him

Colt Cabana via Twitter:

I in NO WAY SUPPORT ROH putting out a DVD about me. They fired me bc they said “FUNNY DON’T EQUALS MONEY”, support at

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11 Responses

  1. Shane says:

    Ugh. That’s such BS. They’re taking money right from Colt’s pocket. Sickening.

  2. Mike says:

    Cabana is 100% justified feeling the way he does. Telling him funny doesn’t equal money only to make money off his name is more than a little shady.

  3. PositivesNegatives says:

    go to colt merch dotcom and support colt.

    And subscribe to the podcast from the studio ……..apartment in chicago, illinois.

  4. rick chavez says:

    hey shane THEY DONT OWE COLT anything, they own that footage and legally they dont have to give him a cut of the profits, but guess what? they are. colt is an entitled overrated loser.

  5. MikkoLogan says:

    @PosNeg you meant to say his “PAHHHDCAST”!

  6. Jamie says:

    It is more than a bit shady, but ROH are well within their right to do it. Moral, perhaps not, but definitely legal

  7. Shane says:

    @rick I’m sorry did I claim they weren’t within their legal right? Didn’t think so. They don’t legally owe anything because pro wrestlers get screwed out of their own intellectual property. Colt Cabana, a top earner on the Indy scene, still doesn’t make enough to copywrite all the unique aspects of his image and gimmick. ROH, a company that once prided itself on operating at a higher ethical code than their competitors, didn’t think that Colt was talented enough to make money for them at shows and on TV but see nothing morally questionable about putting his name and image on a best of collection? If you don’t think the mans over that’s fine. It’s wrong and kinda crazy for the company that employs Matt Hardy but there’s nothing wrong with that. Fact is, they fired Colt not because he wasn’t a draw (he was and is), but because they felt he wasn’t worth paying what comparable wrestlers were to make. Again, that’s fine. But it’s unquestionably shady to fire him only to make money off of his name that he gets no cut of.

  8. Jiiim says:

    No such thing as ‘copywrite’, also, what you are talking about falls under the realm of trademarking.

    You are an uninformed guy running off at the mouth.

  9. StunningSteve says:

    There is such a thing as copywrite, but it literally means written copy. It is what a copywriter does in PR and advertising. I think what he meant was copyright. Despite getting two similar words confused, which I am pretty sure everyone has done at some point in his or her life, he made a good point. I am not sure what he said that was uniformerd. Sounds like Jiiim is a ROH stooge.

  10. gerry says:

    Im still getting the dvd

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