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A true second generation wrestler set to make her debut

Courtesy of Evil Zebra:

As you can see by the new homepage @ the CASTLE….

We are proud to announce the wrestling debut of
Miss Dark Shadow as she steps into the squared
circle on May 31st at the Charlestown Civic Center
in Charlestown, Indiana with wrestling legend, Candi Devine!!!!

Who is Miss Dark Shadow, you ask…..

Well, she just happens to be the oldest daughter
of one of my good friends and GloryCon dinner date…..
Wall of Fame member, Lady Vendetta!!!!

And if that’s not enough… her father also happens to
be the one and only Mad Man Pondo!!!

Funny thing is….. Candi Devine was also the
same person that Lady Vendetta had her ring
debut match with!!!

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14 Responses

  1. Kerry says:

    I’ve never heard of any of these people except for Candi Devine.

  2. Captain Ass says:

    On a related note that I’m sure people will care about just as much, the sun is going to set tonight.

  3. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    “There’s two things mafukas gotta know about J-to the R-O-C- I spin more rhymes than a lazy Susan, and I’m innocent till my guilt is proven. Peace, representin’ Sunnyvale, straight the phuc up.”

  4. Budman316 says:

    6 people know who Pondo is. Why would you drop names and then say the name Pondo.. you must learn from foley how to do this better. Please.


  5. Jiiim says:

    Evil Zebra, Lady Victoria, and co aren’t wrestlers. They are con men who work the message boards and always need donated money for fake tragedies.

    Pondo doesn’t know a single wrestling hold. He knows how to get hit with light tubes.

  6. Mr. Black says:

    Mad man pondo is a white trash loser whose idea of wrestling is barbed wire, exploding rings and light tubes. She’s a second generation hillbilly.

  7. Evil Zebra says:

    Kerry – Maybe you should do your homework!

    Captain ASS – The name says it all, need I say more?

    S. S. – Whatever the hell you just said………..

    Budman – OK, if you say so…. who knows better than Budweiser316

    JIIIM- Sorry Jim, didn’t mean to studder… but no one mentioned Lady Victoria!!

    Mr. Black Trash- No need for name calling…. besides, you should get to bed now, your school bus will be there early tomorrow….

    Glad you all enjoyed the article!!

    Take it,

  8. James says:

    That’s amazing about the coincidence about Candi.

  9. Mr. Black says:

    @Evil Zebra if she’s an actual wrestler I can dig it. I just have no respect for mad man pondo or what he stands for.

  10. Evil Zebra says:

    James- That is kinda amazing….

    Mr. Black- What is an “Actual Wrestler” ? How does one get to be an “Actual Wrestler” ? You can have your opinions about her father, but maybe, just maybe, you should give this second generation wrestler a chance before you bad mouth her and her family….

    That being said, having both a Mother and a Father in the business (even though Mr. Black the Wrestling Critic has no respect for her father) maybe, just maybe if this young lady works hard enough, with the proper training, she will one day be an “Actual Wrestler”

    Take it,

    P.S. Maybe people like Mr. Black need to visit the Castle…. We are not hard to find….. and Maybe, just maybe he too will get some wrestling knowledge and one day he might be an “Actual Wrestling Fan”

  11. kent says:

    true second generation? no way, there has been many true second generation already before her! and these indy shows suck except 4 ROH

  12. Micheal says:

    Kent: Maybe you should watch CHIKARA, Dragon’s Gate or one of the other indies that put on great shows outside ROH.

  13. Evil Zebra says:

    Michael- Don’t try reasoning with a Moron… Maybe once Kent leans how to read he will understand the game better….

    Sorry Kent, but NO ONE ever said she was the First or the ONLY ever “True Second Generation wrestler….. there have been MANY of those… some good and some bad….

    BUT… last time I looked… if BOTH your MOM and your DAD are “Actual Wrestlers” and their sibling makes her debut as an “Actual Wrestler” (even if it’s not with ROH) then…. that said person is an “Actual TRUE Second Generation Wrestler”

    SO Kentmeister….. YES WAY!!!

    Take it,

  14. Micheal says:

    Pondo may not have the technical skills of alot of people but the guy is as tough as they come. I met him once at show almost 12 years ago, where he filled in for Sabu, and he’s a great guy. I wish her the best of luck to her. It’s a rough business to make a name for yourself in. Hopefully Pondo her mom and dad helps get her foot in the door to make it a little easier. Whoop Whoop

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