A true second generation wrestler set to make her debut

Apr 16, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Courtesy of Evil Zebra:

As you can see by the new homepage @ the CASTLE….

We are proud to announce the wrestling debut of
Miss Dark Shadow as she steps into the squared
circle on May 31st at the Charlestown Civic Center
in Charlestown, Indiana with wrestling legend, Candi Devine!!!!

Who is Miss Dark Shadow, you ask…..

Well, she just happens to be the oldest daughter
of one of my good friends and GloryCon dinner date…..
Wall of Fame member, Lady Vendetta!!!!

And if that’s not enough… her father also happens to
be the one and only Mad Man Pondo!!!

Funny thing is….. Candi Devine was also the
same person that Lady Vendetta had her ring
debut match with!!!

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