Spoilers: Shimmer 56 & 57 taping results

Apr 14, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

SHIMMER 56 & 57 Vol tapings
April 14, 2013
Berwyn, IL

a. Angelus Layne beat Marti Belle with a TKO.
b. Xandra Bale & Pink Flash Kira defeated Angie Skye & December. Bake pinned Skye with a flying bodypress.

SHIMMER Volume 56
1. Kimber Lee pinned Shazza McKenzie following a released German Suplex.
2. Leva Bates pinned Miss Natural with a crucifix.
3. Rhia O’Reilly beat Leah Von Dutch with the Rhiajustment.
4. Kellie Skater pinned Nicole Matthews with a straitjacket inverted DDT.
5. Saraya Knight made Jessie McKay tap out to the Bridal Rocking Horse.
6. Mia Yim beat Evie with a gutwrench suplex.
7. Allysin Kay & Taylor Made defeated MsChif & Christina Von Eerie. Kay pinned Von Eerie after interference from Saraya Knight. Shazza McKenzie & Veda Scott made the save.
8. Portia Perez v Tomoka Nakagawa ended in a double DQ. 3G and the Ninjas had a pull apart brawl afterwards, and they’ll compete on volume 57 in a no DQ, no count out match for the tag belts.
9. Kana beat Ayako Hamada, Mercedes Martinez & Yuu Yamagata in a 4 way.
– Allison Danger revealed her final match on the next volume will be with Leva Bates against Ayako Hamada & Cheerleader Melissa.
10. Madison Eagles defeated Athena with the Hellbound.
11. Serena Deeb pinned Jessicka Havok with a spear.
12. Cheerleader Melissa defeated Kalamity with an Air Raid Crash to retain the SHIMMER Championship.

SHIMMER Volume 57
1. Santana Garrett beat Rhia O’Reilly with the Shining Star Press.
2. Melanie Cruise defeated Xandra Bale with a massive spinebuster.
3. Jessicka Havok beat Mia Yim with a sit out powerslam.
4. Christina Von Eerie, Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie defeated Saraya Knight, Allysin Kay & Taylor Made. Von Eerie pinned Knight after a punch with a foreign object.
5. Thunderkitty beat Sassy Stephie with a sleeperhold.
6. Athena pinned Kimber Lee with a springboard DDT.
7. Jessie McKay beat Mercedes Martinez with the Boyfriend Stealer.
8. Kana made Kalamity tap out to a cross armbreaker.
9. Allison Danger & Leva Bates beat Cheerleader Melissa & Ayako Hamada via reverse decision DQ after Melissa refused to release a Fujiwara armbar on Danger. Melissa then secured her heel turn by attacking Hamada.
– Afterwards, Danger revealed the reason why she was retiring was because of a stroke she suffered in January, after which, tests found she had lesions on her brain which were career ending but not life threatening.
10. Madison Eagles defeated Courtney Rush with the Hellbound.
11. Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa beat Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews to win the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship. Skater pinned Perez with a straightjacket inverted DDT.

Credit: RingbellesOnline.com

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