Spoilers: SHIMMER 54 and 55 Taping Results

Apr 14, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Dark Matches:

(a) Marti Belle & Miss December & Angie Skye beat Pink Flash Kira & Xandra Bale & Leah Von Dutch.

(b) Heidi Lovelace beat Angelus Layne.

SHIMMER 54 results

(1) Santana Garrett beat Miss Natural.

(2) MsChif beat Rhia O’Reilly.

(3) Evie beat Kimber Lee.

(4) Kalamity beat Yuu Yamagata.

(5) Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie beat Raphael (Leva Bates) & Donatello (Allison Danger).

(6) Kana beat Jessie McKay.

(7) Ayako Hamada beat Melanie Cruise.

(8) Jessicka Havok beat Serena Deeb.

(9) Global Green Gangsters (Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) beat The Canadian Ninjas in a SHIMMER Tag Title match.

(10) Courtney Rush beat Athena, Madison Eagles, and Saraya to become #1 contender to the SHIMMER Title.

(110 Cheerleader Melissa beat Mercedes Martinez to retain the SHIMMER Title.

SHIMMER 55 Taping

(1) Jessie McKay beat Yuu Yamagata.

(2) Allysin Kay (w/Taylor Made) beat Thunderkitty.

(3) Jessicka Havok & Sassy Stephie beat Heidi Lovelace & Santana Garrett.

(4) Christina Von Eerie beat Saraya via DQ. Saraya initially won, but the ref reversed the decision when he saw Saraya used a foreign object.

(5) Athena beat Taylor Made.

(6) Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie won via DQ against Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez (the champions) in a SHIMMER Tag Title match.

(7) Kalamity beat MsChif.

(8) Tomoka Nakagawa beat Leva Bates.

(9) Madison Eagles beat Kana.

(10) Mercedes Martinez beat Ayako Hamada.

(11) Cheerleader Melissa beat Courtney Rush to retain to the SHIMMER Title.

Credit: PWPonderings.com

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