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Kevin Kelly on TNA passing on Adam Pearce

ROH announcer Kevin Kelly:

I question the wisdom of TNA for their decision on @ScrapDaddyAP. Having him in Gutcheck to begin with was weird. Beneath him. #OpenYourEyes

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  1. gerry says:

    Kevin kelly sucks and so does adam pearce

  2. jim says:

    That magno guy was a botch fest but he did some awesome moves

  3. Sean says:

    I just woke up from a nap, so I’m still not fully awake, and I initially read the headline as “Kevin Kelly on the passing of Adam Pearce” and was like O_O

  4. art123guy says:

    My guess is Pearce and Ivelisse will join Aces and Eights because TNA wouldn’t accept them.

  5. Fairfax says:

    I’m guessing that someone with Pearces experience wouldnt go into gutcheck without some sort of contract being offered. I think they probably will do something with him. He doesnt really fit into Aces and Eights though. In A’s&8’s you have Bully Ray and he’s really the only one whose a star. What else is being done with Mike Knox or Luke Gallows. Thats not to say they couldnt become stars but right now theyre basically filler. A’s&8’s is completely and solely about Bully Ray. I don’t think AP fits well with them. Pearce is a throwback. He’s an old school heel. With the classic robes and technical in ring work he doesnt quite strike me as a biker thug. The troubling aspect however is that we’ve already seen the gutcheck angle where the answer is no and they continue to crash the party and yada yada yada with Joey Ryan. So how else can Pearce come in? I just can’t see someone like AP, who makes a full time living from indy bookings and the rep he’s built on being a success on the indys, coming in for a legit shoot competition where he can either earn a fulltime contract with TNA or be embarrassed and dismissed on live television. And then there was the comment he made to Bruce Pritchard that “Your a fool” when Pritchard said they where going with Magno. So that could be telling that either he will be back or that he was legit pissed that he was dismissed. Either way Ring of Honor let Pearce go a few years back so I cant understand why Kevin Kelly would have any kind of negative response to TNA not signing him. Adam Pearce is the EXACT kind of talent that ROH needs right now. But thats another topic for another thread and I’ve rambled on enough. Just my take.

  6. -J- says:

    I thought Pearce was gonna bitchslap prichard.

  7. Atlee Greene says:

    Adam Pearce is talented and hard worker. The fact of the matter is TNA already has a bald guy on their roster who brings more to the table. If you compare the two, Pearce, to fan who don’t know his credentials, will be a boring version of Christopher Daniels.

  8. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    It’s a work, imo.

  9. Bat Chain Puller says:

    The very disturbing results led to severe anxiety for this lifelong fan.

  10. Hipnosis says:

    lmao I thought it said Adam Pearce Passed away too. I was like WHAT?!

    But really I think the ONLY reason they passed on him is because either they want to bring him back because he’s too good for Gut Check as a heel or too many guys are in TNA/OVW as it is from Gut Check. Magno failed on Gut Check. Better luck next time kid.

  11. MoneyInTheBank187 says:

    an Alliance with Matt Morgan.

  12. Greg says:

    I hope this is a work and they already have plans for scrap daddy! He deserves to be in the spot light. 5 time NWA Champion and has worked with a large number of stars already on their roster including the other bald guy Christopher Daniels. I thought there comments were very positive to have sent him off without sending him in front of the crowd. I’m still hoping!!!!!!

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