Indy female wrestler on paying dues

Apr 12, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Lisa Funk posted on Facebook:

I want to take a moment and tell you a little about myself because now I’m in the public eye more and things are being twisted. I am a single mother to a 17 year old daughter. I have been divorced for 2.5 years now. I started a cleaning business 7 yrs ago cleaning offices. I did the work myself 364 days straight, taking time off for christmas day for 2 yrs straight. More buildings were added and I was overwhelmed so I was able to hire ppl to help. Well just recently the company decided to use just one company to clean everything, they had a larger co that was cleaning cabins so I was the one who lost. I was making 175 a day, now nothing. I made a statement a while back about paying dues wasn’t in my vocabulary, it was taken wrong. I made that statement because I love wrestling always have since I was a child. I had done many shows for free or in exchange for training and I still continue to do shows in exchange for training and I am blessed for that, but every time I did a show I would lose that 175 from work. That’s a lot for a single parent, but I loved wrestling so I would sacrifice the loss. But, traveling long distances, the gas is to the extreme. Some promoters started taking advantage and when they didn’t want to at least cover my gas, their excuse was, well you are paying your dues. That’s why I made that statement. If you are a wrestler and don’t mind doing a show for free or for 10 dollars that’s fine but I can’t I have another person I take care of. And I have never said I was the best, I’m humble, I am inexperienced, but I’m learning, everyone starts somewhere. I tell promoters that. I just wanna learn and get the experience. Ppl are making fun of my implants, I want to clarify that, I went from a size 20 to a 5 and I’ve had a baby, I have stretch marks, and I have loose skin. I lost all the fatty tissue in my chest. I felt like less of a woman because at one time I was a size c. I had the opportunity to get the implants and I feel so much more confident and my tops fit better. I’m a decent looking girl, but how I look in public is not natural, I wear hair extensions, false eyelashes because mine have fallen out from stress in my past, ans I tan and spray tan. Some pictures I have taken have been photoshopped. So there, I’m telling you I’m not perfect. Right now I’m doing odd jobs to try to keep our apartment so we have a place to live, my child support strictly goes to my daughters car payment so she can have transportation, she works hard to and is in the beta club and pays her bills and will get to graduate early next year. I’m a proud mother and want the best for her. And it pains me for my daughter or my lil nephews to see some things that ppl have posted lately. I love you all and I forgive the ones bashing me now, I try to stay positive and it doesn’t help me or make me any better if I hate back.

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