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Impact Rating drops below 1.0

Impact Wrestling Live last night earned a 0.9 cable rating – .7 in M18-49, .60 in M18-34, and an average audience of 1.2 million viewers.

We will post quarter hour breakdowns shortly.

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24 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Need to have the Impact audience Fandangoing to spark things up!

  2. Hipnosis says:

    you’re f**king kidding me right?

    What the hell is wrong with the Wrestling Fans? How can they not be watching?

  3. Z-BoB says:

    That was like one if there biggest shows, they’ve been hyping that one for over a month now

  4. Mike says:

    Maybe because bully ray and Brooke hogan are just not entertaining. I used to defend tna a lot but I turned my back on them when all of the aces and Eights stuff failed to live up to the hype and Brooke hogan was on TV. And I don’t like bully being champ either. Just my personal taste. Hopefully Dixie carter gives up because she knows nothing about wrestling and is just plain useless

  5. Alicia says:

    I havnt watched TNA in a long time. TV wise last time i watched i thought it was horrible. I went to their TV Taping in Knoxville i think about two years ago and The only reason i enjoyed myself was cause i got to see guys like Sting and Hulk Hogan. The show itself was not enjoyable. So to see this , it really doesnt shock me at all.

  6. shep says:

    Hahahahhahahahahahaha TNA Is so stupid when it comes to the taped ppvs and ridiculous marketing. Please pull the plug

  7. -J- says:

    I watched it wasn’t terrible…then again they wast too much time on aces and 8s and brooke and stuff nobody give a turd about.

  8. Saxon says:

    Maybe because the storyline just got boring? Maybe the wrong people are in the spotlight? Idk, me personally I’d rather watch WWE because The Shield is greater than A&8, Fandango is growing fast, the GM is never in the spotlight, and Ziggler is now champion.

  9. Chris James says:

    Enter TNA fans that will STILL defend this…

  10. Kerry says:

    Ratings haven’t been that low since they were on FSN.

  11. raven12516 says:

    @Kerry: Was it that bad on FSN?

  12. Denis says:

    If you are a wrestling fan I don’t understand why you would just watch on company. I watch WWE, TNA, ROH, Prime Wrestling, heck I’ll even watch the old AWA and UWF programs on ESPN Classic. Do I love it all? Of course not. But I still watch. I really think the Aces & 8s thing has gone on too long and has failed to live up to expectations. No real ‘major’ players revealed.

  13. Neumanrko9 says:

    that’s a shame because I thought the Bully/Hardy TLC match (or Full Metal Mayhem as TNA calls it) was really good, had flashbacks of WM16 & 17 during that

  14. darko22582 says:

    Well if it fails then maybe aj styles Austin aries bobby roode and the dudleys and hardy could all come to WWE. Help put those final nails in the cena coffin

  15. DBRude says:

    They should have stuck with Fourtune.

  16. Matt says:

    Good!! All you WWE haters will enjoy your TNA boys working for Vince in a couple of years.

  17. -J- says:

    tna is missing the boat because thier leaders lack vision and are out of touch with what their fanbase wants…tna was built on the x division and the knockouts and they completely abandoned that aspect, the matches are often very good but the booking is sh!t.

  18. Kerry says:


    I actually liked the show better back then. They had the six sided ring, the “Impact Zone” was smaller, they had separate entrances for babyfaces & heels, the X Division was focused on more & there weren’t many “big name stars” hogging the spotlight from the younger “TNA originals”. It was more like what is termed as ‘rasslin’ rather than sports entertainment.

  19. Ostego says:

    When you put on crap shows and push the old dinosaurs to the moon while holding the younger talent, your damn skippy you are gonna have crap ratings. Personally, I would rather have Aries and Roode feuding over the title than have Hardy, Sting, and Bubba Ray feud for it on a weekly basis.

    Another thing, if people want to compare the Aces and 8’s, lets get things straight. The NWO had actual stars in it. Lots of drawing power, unlike the A’s & 8’s where people could point out two or three people when the group has 10-15 people in it.

  20. abc says:

    I bet this ratings fail put a big smile on the face of Vince Russo.

  21. Jon says:

    Probably cuz Aces and Eights is a rip off of the bischoff produced TV show “The Devils Ride” which isnt doing to well and may have been cancelled even.

    Also because Brooke Hogan is horrible and cant act.

    Bully Ray is former ECW and WWE tag wrestler Bubba Dudley, Thats the champ of TNA.. a dude who was in the original ECW and a tag team specialist.

    Thats why your ratings suck.. Actually dont know why people would expect them to draw more, The “talent” level in TNA, atleast the ones they are pushing is similar to WWE saturday morning.

  22. DBRude says:

    Don’t forget the illogical booking! Wasn’t Devon one their top babyfaces last year? Didn’t he consider The Pope a bad influence to his sons? And now, he co-runs a biker gang with his estranged tag partner, and they’re trying to wreck the company.

    That makes about as much sense as pushing one of their breakout stars (Bobby Roode) back into the tag division, and teaming him with the man who beat him for the TNA title.

  23. Science & Violence says:

    The McMarks are runnin’ wild crotch chopping their TV screens whenever a TNA ad is shown.

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