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Daily Discussion: WWE’s hall of fame ceremony on PPV

Today’s topic: Would you be willing to pay a fee (say $14.95) to watch the WWE hall of fame ceremony live on pay per view?

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12 Responses

  1. Al says:

    I wouldn’t. I am happy for all the inductees and love the HOF concept. But I absolutely wouldn’t.

  2. Jim says:

    Yes. I’d also love it if they took away the fans from this event.

  3. Saxon says:


  4. doug says:

    No, I barely even watch it any more. This year I thought the only interesting name in the group was Bruno.

  5. King B says:

    It would always depend on who is being inducted. But most of the time I’d probably say no

  6. Swayze says:

    I’d say $7 is a pretty legit price for the full inductions of a Hall of Fame class like this one.

  7. MC Live says:

    Since I paid to attend the event, I don’t need to watch it on PPV. I’ll get the DVD

  8. cas says:

    that would make them way too arrogant. there is no need to make more money of PPV buys. i still haven’t watched my DVR’d HOF yet so i’m for sure not paying for it

  9. Deathedge says:

    Not in a million years. I would pay that to get crappy seats to the show, but to watch it on PPV, no.


    I actually like the fans being at the event. The only time that they are a little annoying is when the inevitable “One more match” chant starts.

  10. Mackdeezy says:

    I wouldnt pay to see marks berate Maria Menounos for having a valid reason for inducting Bob Backlund, lets just leave it at that.

  11. -J- says:

    they should include it with the price of the ppv…no way in hell i’d buy that.

  12. jimmy pink says:

    No, no, no

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