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WWE officials confiscate bootleg material at Wrestlecon

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE officials showed up at WrestleCon during Wrestlemania weekend with a legal order to confiscate all bootleg material. They did so. Those who had the material confiscated had information collected on them. A hearing was set up on April 16th in Newark, NJ to where people who had materials confiscated were able to plead their case and have them returned.

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5 Responses

  1. YesYesNo says:

    Bootleg materials?


  2. Andrew says:

    One table was selling full sets of Nitro, RAW, MSG shows and other stuff.

  3. Henbamalama says:

    All those poor people walking around New Jersey with legless boots.

  4. Jim says:

    Wow. That one guy’s whole table was programming owned by WWE. WWF, WCW, AWA, WCCW, whole season of Thunder, Raw, Nitro. he had so much it was completely overwhelming. And I am sure that most of it was confiscated.

  5. YesYesNo says:

    If you want old shows torrents are a thing.

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