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Fandango a watered down version of Val Venis? posted an interview with The Big show. Here is an excerpt:

“You know what, when he first came out, my first thought – being a bitter, old veteran – was, ‘He’s just like a watered-down Val Venis,’ But then actually getting to know the kid and seeing his work ethic and what he’s doing with the character, he’s become entertaining. It’s pretty cool. I hope he does well, I really do.”

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  1. raven12516 says:

    The connection is lost on me.

  2. Deathedge says:

    I think I get why he thought that. I remember his first interview with Matt Striker (I think) on Smackdown he was doing these little gyrations and, of course, he comes out there with a female dancer and get all close. I don’t think there is really enough for a legit connection between the two, but I kind of see where Show may have gotten it from.

    That said, there is no doubt that Johnny Curtis is playing the Fandango character in such a way, you kind of just can’t help but laugh whenever he’s out there.

  3. Mike Rophone says:

    I’d say he’s equal parts Rick Rude, ’95/96 Goldust and Don Flamenco from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

  4. Bill RN says:

    Watered down bc he’s in PG-era TV? Either way I don’t recall an entire crowd singing Val Venis’ theme and, don’t get me wrong, I love me some Val Venis.

  5. kent says:

    totally not a watered down val venis, because fandango isnt a ladies man at all, fandango is just a guy who’s a salsa dancer only

  6. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    @Mike Rophone,

    Throw in a little Rick Martel, Salvatore Sincere and Disco Inferno gimmickry into the mix.

  7. gerry says:

    when dolph ziggler first came out, every said he was a watered down billy gunn, and just look at him now..i honestly believe dolph can one day be in the hall of fame many years from now

  8. HodizX58 says:

    The first i saw him i immediately thought of Disco Inferno and Alex Wright. Val Venis never entered my mind. I do think Johnny Curtis is a great wrestler however i’m not sure this Fandango character is going to work out. That top rope leg drop is pretty legit, but he needs to be very careful with that move if he doesn’t want to developed a compressed spine issue not unlike Hulk Hogan. I also think the ring entrance needs a little polishing.

  9. Brandon says:

    now i’m not saying he is a watered down Val Venis, but when he did debut he did remind me a little bit of his character. among others already mentioned.

  10. d lo says:

    @ shockmaster suplex Fandango does remind me of don flamenco type of character from punch out cocky but also with disco inferno dancing and rick Martel arrogance all into 1!

  11. Skeeter Valentine says:


    Don’t forget Alex Wright!

  12. YesYesNo says:

    Dolph Ziggler is good but there is not much to his character besides being cocky and confident.

    Long way to go before his name and Hall Of Fame could be said.

  13. What? says:

    @Deathedge: What I can’t help but do when he’s out there is change the channel. I only watched his match on the last Raw to see what the chants would be.

  14. Chicago Made Punk says:

    Gerweck is becoming more and more “TMZ-ish” with it’s misleading titles on some news. You just have to read the comments to know about what i’m talking about. what a shame.

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