Barbed Wire City: The Unauthorized Story of ECW premieres April 20th

Apr 11, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Barbed Wire City: The Unauthorized Story of Extreme Championship Wrestling and have partnered up to live stream the unique premiere screening event to the world on Saturday April 20th via Internet Pay-Per-View.

“There’s nothing like being there live in person for this, but we realized not everyone can get to Philadelphia on April 20th,” John Philapavage, co-director of the documentary, commented. “I have friends and family who live all over the place—there are fans all over the world who told me they wish they could be there live—and now they’ll be able to share this night with us in real time. Highspots provides a great service. We liked the reliability of their live streams, and I like that they continue to support documentaries about pro wrestling. I’m proud to be working with them.”

Highspots and BWC plan pre and post-screening coverage for the broadcast. The documentary airs LIVE at 7pm, at the same time the audience is viewing it in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (tickets still available at store). At roughly 9pm the feed will switch back to the Asylum Arena (Formerly the ECW Arena) for the live Question and Answer session. For more information on ordering the live iPPV and DVD, visit

Barbed Wire City is an unauthorized documentary film studying the subculture and story of defunct pro wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling. The promotion rose to prominence from humble beginnings in 1992, had a massive effect on the wrestling boom of the late 90s, and went bankrupt in early 2001. is an official retailer of Barbed Wire City.

Media: NOW BOOKING immediate interviews with Producer/Co-Director of Unauthorized ECW documentary Barbed Wire City, John Philapavage, talking the film, the premiere at the ECW Arena, and more. E-mail for requests.

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