Fandango’s WWE Entrance Theme Climbing the UK Music Charts

Apr 10, 2013 - by Atlee Greene

Wrestling fans have started a campaign to get Fandango’s WWE entrance music to the top of the music charts in the United Kingdom. It’s spreading like wildfire. As of this writing, the song is #11 on the top downloaded songs in the itunes music store

Fans on Twitter have also gotten into the action with the hash tag #FandangoRevolution

This song has become quite the popular item as a result of the crowd inside the Izod Center singing the theme as Fandango came out to the ring for his match on Raw this past Monday.

There is also a You Tube video of fans, after the show, singing the song that you can check out by clicking here

I wonder if this would work in America?


**updated  at 4:12pm EST**




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