Fandango theme song selling well on iTunes

Apr 10, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

The craziness over Fandango’s theme has translated into thousands of
sales of the actual song on iTunes in the United Stads and United Kingdom,
pushing the song – officially titled “ChaChaLaLa” in the top 10 charts. In
the U.S., the song, which was written by WWE’s resident music producer Jim
Johnston, is currently sitting in the number six position in the top songs
under the soundtrack category. Dolph Ziggler’s theme “Here To Show The
World” also had a big bump since he won the World title and was in 63rd
place at time of this writing. In the UK chart, Fandango’s theme went as
far up as second place, where it sits now at time of this writing while it
sits in number four in Canada. The whole madness on RAW was mainly due to
the International fans who are used to chanting several songs, making up
their own, at football stadiums across Europe. The song is selling for

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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