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Daily Discussion: Wrestlemania 30’s main event

Today’s topic: Which match should headline next year’s Wrestlemania in New Orleans?

Yesterday’s discussion – Which Wrestlemania was better?

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21 Responses

  1. Kid Vicious says:

    Rock vs Cena III, woo!

  2. Jake Allen says:

    I’d love to see Bryan versus Ziggler, but Vince is dumb and will do something unoriginal (Cena, Punk, Undertaker, Del Rio, Brock – any of those guys will be involved)

  3. someone says:

    CM punk vs Stone cold!

  4. MC Live says:

    Cena Taker. Taker needs to retire, and Cena is the only one left who’s level of stardom is valuable enough to end the streak. That or Taker goes 22-0 and we never see him again. I’ll take either one

  5. Mackdeezy says:

    The main event has to have Taker, end of story

  6. Adam says:

    undertaker – cena
    punk – sheamus
    lesnar – somebody who will lose to him

  7. dil says:

    fandango v undertaker 😀

  8. dil says:

    cm punk v Ziggler v Bryan

  9. MattR says:

    I’d prefer either Ziggler/Punk, Taker/Punk II(seems likely following the recent trends of Taker’s WM opponents), Taker/Ziggler, or my dream main event; Antonio Cesaro/CM Punk/Dolph Ziggler Triple Threat for the WHC Title. It’s easy to set up, just have Punk take his time off, then come back as a face again, feud with Ziggler over the WHC Title, with Punk winning it around Survivor Series, then losing it at the EC back to Ziggler, and let Antonio Cesaro win the Royal Rumble.

  10. Big Travis says:

    22-0 over Cena

  11. Robert Barron says:

    CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins or bring back the Main Event tag team match with Daniel Bryan/CM Punk vs. Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins. I believe within the year, Ambrose or Rollins will see a meteoric rise to Main Event status. Right now, WWE is actually booking The Shield perfectly. They haven’t lost. I ho

  12. Nick A says:

    Undertaker vs. Cena, Loser retires
    Stone Cold vs. CM Punk

  13. dil says:

    lol triple h v stone cold v the rock

  14. dil says:

    sell it as the last match for all :p

  15. cas says:

    if cena/taker is the main event then that means the title should be off cena. just throwing this out there… ME #2 ryback(c) vs Brock ME#3 Miz vs ziggler vs D bryan(c).

  16. Dev says:

    Stone cold vs Punk ain’t gonna happen….Bryam or Ziggler are gonna be in main event…

  17. Woodsmeizter says:

    Cena vs Taker
    Lesnar vs Ryback
    Punk vs Austin

  18. Neumanrko9 says:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk
    The Undertaker vs. John Cena
    The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar

  19. todd says:

    WWE Championship
    John Cena (c) vs The Undertaker

    “The final chapter”
    Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk

    The Rock vs Brock Lesnar

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Daniel Bryan

    That would awesome!!!!

  20. Wrestlings Future says:

    30-60 minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship

    It would be Career vs Career along with Title vs Streak

    Sting (c) vs Undertaker.

    You might think this is crazy, but just imagine how fast Wrestlemania would sell out. Just imagine how many home buys there would be(it could possibly triple). Its just see the 2 greatest wrestlers, who have never faced each other before, face each other in a double retirement match. I believe Sting is the only wrestler in the world who is worthy enough to take the streak. Even if these guys laid there for a half hour to catch there breath, the fans would go nuts.

  21. Geoff says:

    Okay guys be realistic here, neither Bryan or Ziggler will be in THE main event. Stone Cold vs. CM Punk would be perfect but probably won’t happen. And no, Rollins and Ambrose will not be in the main event either, be realistic.

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