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Video: Raw Best Crowd Ever

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  1. Really? says:

    Very entertaining. Not sure why Michael Cole is trying to BS everyone saying this always happens the night after Wrestlemania.

  2. D Lo says:

    By far the best pg crowd new jersey knows how to entertain for sure!

  3. Denis says:

    Actually it was a very disrespectful crowd. With the exception of a couple of chants, it took away from the action in the ring. You could tell that this upset some of the wrestlers. The crowd wanted to be the main attraction, as evident by their “We are Awesome” chant. Kind of reminded me of a small independent show where you have a group of frat boys who yell and make fun throughout the entire show trying to draw attention to themselves. Still, some of it was funny

  4. Max says:

    Denis – stop being so miserable. It was tons of fun, much better than the usual quiet raw crowds and all the superstars seem to enjoy it! Hope it continues

  5. dave says:

    Denis – Captain Killjoy is now your new name. They were mocking what is an obviously boring product with the exception of the few they lauded.

    It was an honest crowd, having fun in seats THEY paid for. Go home

  6. Beacon of Hope says:

    Whatever Denis,

    They were expressing their frustration with a product they paid for all weekend, and traveled half way across the globe for. They took over the show and rebelled against the machine. Good for them!

    Disrespectful? That Wrestlemania was disrespectful to the people who paid money for it.

  7. Drew says:

    Even the I mostly agree with Denis, I liked the chants for Sexual Chocolate, Fandango, and Olé olé olé!

    (anything done during the Orton/Sheamus match was acceptable because it was terrible to watch)

  8. Asterik says:

    There’s always a party pooper, and Denis is one huge diarrhea of a party pooper. :/ Regardless, last Monday’s Raw was just awesome! The best Raw ever in my opinion!

  9. -J- says:

    idk what Buzz Killington is talking about…that crowd was on fire, wwe should give them a slammy award and pray that more crowds are THAT exciting.

  10. KiLLewskitt says:

    “Heel infused” crowds are always entertaining. I prefer this every now and then, but not often. It just so happens it usually occurs the Raw (and sometimes even SmackDown) after Manias. I think that’s what Cole probably meant, but came out wrong with all that excitement in his ear. JBL was the BEST last night, though. LOL! I’m glad we all agree on that being an enjoyable edition of RAW. :)

  11. T says:

    LOL@Denis. What “action in the ring”? That 5 star Sheamus vs Orton match? The riveting 8 man tag match?

  12. Sinister says:

    Best crowd i ever seen, the Fandango humming chant went over big. There were people doing that everywhere today. Along with the JBL chant and the RVD chants at the right time was classic. Much props to the crowd for making the show enjoyable

  13. rob_mor says:

    Ole = El Generico chant

    Smarks are not “heels”

  14. SDBland87 says:

    Fandango is sooo hopeing for this to catch on every week now. LOL

  15. HeelsYo says:

    Denis is the heel of the comments.


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