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Review of the new Montreal Theory DVD‏

by Alan Wojcik

November 9, 1997 will live in the annals of history as the day wrestling changed forever, either for the good or bad. Montreal, Quebec, Canada was the site of the last in-ring WWF appearance of Bret “the Hitman” Hart (until 2010) when he was defeated for the WWF World Heavyweight championship by Shawn Michaels via submission. That evening was the birth of WWF owner Vince McMahon as an on-screen heel character and the chant of “You Screwed Bret” that reigns down on referee Earl Hebner to this day at Impact Wrestling events. Since then the entire “Montreal Screwjob” has been scrutinized like the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination. Books and DVD’s (including the highly acclaimed “Wrestling with Shadows” documentary) have come and gone talking about, heck even Bret & Shawn did a sit-down interview together on it for a WWE Home Entertainment release. To this day Bret Hart has claimed he was not involved in any form. But what if Bret Hart worked with Vince McMahon to swerve not just the fans but the entire wrestling world?! That is the idea behind a new DVD entitled THE MONTREAL THEORY.

Joe Dombrowski is your host/producer for the 2 DVD’s and he brings with him an interesting cast of critics/opinion givers: Kevin Kelly, Raven, Steve Corino, Bill Behrens, Jerry Jarrett, Dr. David Reiss, Scott Hudson, former WCW announcer Chris Cruise, Tony Mamaluke, Justin LaBar, Robert Maillet (Kurgan) and Brian Krasman. The 2nd disc also includes archival footage of interviews with Shawn Michaels, Jerry Lawler, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Tammy Sytch, the New Age Outlaws and the late Chris Kanyon.

Disc one is an amazingly done 2 hour and 30 minutes blow by blow account of the WWF 1996-1997 from those who covered the promotion and in the cases of Mr. Kelly, Mr. Maillet, Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Corino were part of the WWF in some form. Disc two is the hatching of the “Montreal Theory” with Bret Hart in cahoots with Vince McMahon from the WrestleMania XII title switch forward with claims the “Wrestling with Shadows” documentary was also a work by McMahon. There is some interesting “proof” from a Dave Meltzer newsletter report, a “warning” from Big Van Vader that day in Montreal, Bret Hart confiding in Kanyon and Bret Hart being filmed destroying the announce table without any criminal prosecution.

This is an ambitious work by Mr. Dombrowski and his production crew editing telephone conversations and normal interview footage seamlessly into a cohesive narrative. Overall I enjoyed disc one better as I do not buy into the idea Bret Hart was 100% involved in his own demise in WWF. I still believe the idea that Vince McMahon DID screw over Bret Hart and things could have gone down different but they weren’t meant to be. Don’t get me wrong, the theory Mr. Dombrowski puts forth is entertaining with some good evidence but I don’t buy into it. To order it or see a full trailer and to make a purchase of the DVD or VOD feed, log onto

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