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Poll results: Best in the World tournament (Bryan vs. The Rock)

Best in the World tournament: East Bracket Finals

[1] Daniel Bryan (77%, 226 Votes)
[2] The Rock (23%, 67 Votes)

Total Voters: 293

FINAL FOUR MATCH SET: [1] Kurt Angle vs. [1] Daniel Bryan

Click here for the best in the world tournament

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11 Responses

  1. Chewie215 says:


  2. seth says:

    yes yes yes

  3. Mike says:

    Retarded result. The rock is the best next to hogan. Daniel Bryan couldn’t draw more money in his career as the rock did in one ppv during his hay day. I can’t believe Internet fans are so naive and stupid. No common sense

  4. Dev says:

    I totally agree with @mike…. Bryan is a good wrestler, but he can not draw fans and money…

  5. MC Live says:

    I don’t think Rock should have made it this far. It’s Best in the World, not Draws most money. BTW, I bet ya on the past year, Daniel Bryan has made himself and WWE a good chunk of change. But look at the two. Bryan has a great match every time he’s in the ring, and his backstage antics with Kane have been gold, loved by Internet fans and casual fans alike. The Rock, to me, has been stale. He’s cut the same promo every time for about three years now, and his matches have really been ok, or maybe good. I think since his return, WrestleMania 29 has been his best. The other 4, were either good or ok. The good ones were with Punk. To me, Daniel Bryan is a much better all around performer than the Rock today. And everything that the Rock did in his hay day was relevant back then, in his hay day, not today, which is when we’re voting

  6. rainmaker says:

    Is this the best wrestler in the world tourney or the best draw in the world? All Rock’s mat hes sucked ass since he came back bar the one he had with Punk.

  7. Mike says:

    The tournament is best in the world not best WRESTLER in the world. Wrestling is and always will be about the drawing power. Why would the biggest stars of all time not be the biggest draws? Think about it. If it was just about wrestling capability Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko would be making more money than Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold or the Rock or anybody. Your arguments are facile and small thinking. It’s all about the drawing power people!!!!!

  8. AmericanDragon21 says:

    Are you guys serious? This is the Best WRESTLER in the World tournament new the Biggest Draw tournament. Daniel Bryan is the best technical wrestler in the world, he’s an amazing worker and can make any wrestler have a good match, that is what makes a good WRESTLER. He beats The Rock in every way possible when it comes to WRESTLING!!!

  9. Mike says:

    Oh I forgot everyone on here are creaming for ROH guys. I forgot that the world of wrestling has never seen real wrestling since ROH came into being. Get a clue guys. ROH can’t even keep up with TNA’s ratings or ppv buys just like Daniel Bryan couldn’t hold the Rock’s jock on the mic or as a performer.

  10. eddie says:

    Mike ur an idiot rock can’t wrestle and I remember last year rock had what he was gonna say wrote on arm. Daniel Bryan is one of the best submission wrestlers in the business today.

  11. Obie says:

    @mike … It is the best in the world tournament, pertaining to wrestling ability. When CM Punk screams those words do you think he is talking about drawing power? No. Watch his shoot promo and you’ll realize that you’re one of the fans he was hating on. If this tournament was about the best entertainer and biggest drawing power then we would not need brackets only an excel spreadsheet to see who brings in the most dollars. There would be no TNA, ROH, or any wrestler from other promotions because there revenue is nowhere near the WWE.

    Not to mention that this tournament is about who is ‘currently’ the best. Nobody cares about anyone haydays!

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