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Planned main event for WWE Extreme Rules

As you might imagine, the planned main event for WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view pits John Cena defending the WWE championship against Ryback. The originally scheduled Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger match has apparently been scrapped with Ziggler winning the World heavyweight title from Del Rio.

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  1. The Sheild says:

    Well that’s dumb, Ryback is gonna go heel not Cena. Why couldn’t we do something like a 4way, or better yet have dissension on team Heyman & let Punk vs Lesner happen.

  2. Kerry says:

    The way the crowd was cheering & chanting “FEED ME MORE!” last night it’d be hard to turn Ryback heel, so this will probably be face vs. face.

  3. dude says:

    @Shield: why can’t it be face vs face match up? that’s what Rock/Cena was. even if a lot of us don’t like Cena in the IOC, he’s still portrayed as the fan favorite.

  4. Will Henderson says:

    Del Rio vs. Swagger can still happen, but now it will be about revenge for Del Rio and Swagger kind of “injured” him which led to Ziggler winning the World Heavyweight Championship. plus it could end up an triple threat for the World Heavyweight Championship where Del Rio and Swagger and Ziggler will fight for the title and Swagger will most likely get pinned by Dolph.

  5. dave says:

    Ryback is a machine, he doesn’t have to justify why he’s Shellshocking the WWE Champion…it’s self explanatory.

  6. Saxon says:

    Probably Del Rio vs Swagger #1 Contender Match, maybe Christian returns to face Dolph Ziggler to put him over? Idk, just throwing random thoughts out there.

  7. T says:

    How am I to believe Ryback can beat Supercena if Ryback has lost to Punk and Henry.

  8. Sinister says:

    Anything can happen in the WWE.

  9. Brett says:

    Ryback said in a Q&A session at Axxess,that he was going after whoever won the WWE title

  10. HeelsYo says:


    “Anything can happen in WWE”

    I bet you hardcore sex could not happen, while vince watches in joy from the titantron.


  11. Joey says:

    Ryback will still be over, they’ll still chant feed me more, to him it’s just about being fed and it doesn’t matter who.

  12. What? says:

    @Kerry: It could be a face vs. face match. However, I wouldn’t read anyone as face or heel based solely on the completely awesome but not at all typical crowd that was at Raw.

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