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Daily Discussion: Best match at Wrestlemania 29

Today’s topic: Which was the best match at WrestleMania 29?

Yesterday’s discussion – You book Wrestlemania 29

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16 Responses

  1. Saxon says:

    I liked the HHH-Lesnar match personally

  2. SDBland87 says:

    By far its Lesnar and HHH

  3. cold says:

    1. Punk Vs Taker
    2. Lesnar Vs HHH

  4. Chewie215 says:

    Punk vs taker then hhh vs brock. Then who cares swagger didnt win so,i,was,mad and hell I expected ziggler to cash,in

  5. Dingo says:

    The eight people tag match by far

  6. -J- says:

    eh I’d say lesnar vs trips they seem to hit all the important spots and for a while there t looked like brock would actually win, second place goes to taker vs punk.

  7. thrilledfan says:

    Punk taker. Punk should of won though even if he didnt have his hand raised at the end.

  8. Adurka Durk says:

    People actually thought the Hs/Brock match was good?

    It was garbage.

    Watch Hs/Cactus Jack from Royal Rumble if you wanna see a good Hs brawl.

    Show sucked, IMO.

  9. Julio says:

    Punk – Taker, and they were both working injured. Hhh – lesnar is second

  10. Josh Dionio says:

    Punk Taker. Even if you took Paul Bearer dying out of the picture, Punk can carry anyone and Taker can wrestle great probably 1 night a year now but they both had a great match together.

  11. joseph says:

    the whole show sucked….rock cena was garbage…hh lesnar wasnt dramatic as it should of been….taker punk was decent, but taker is well past it and should retire for the good of his character.

  12. amf3891 says:

    Idk last year was a better wrestlemania. Taker/punk was good. U no taker is obv gnna win but at a point thought punk would take it. Hhh/lesnar wat I expected.would of liked to c stephanie come out and beat on heyman. I also agree wit Durk best hhh no holds barred was at the rumble vs cactus. I still think of that id love to c that match again but haven’t been able to find it. Overall good WM I’m a true fan so id order it anyway

  13. Jempires One says:

    Best big stage match was Taker/Punk.

    Triple H was his usual boring self. He has UFC superstar Brock Lesnar, the heat machine Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon. Mr. WrestleMania Shawn Michaels, and even Vince McMahon out there ALL lending a hand trying to get their guy over.

    But Triple H… Even with all that build… Even having 100% creative control and show placement in all the TV lead-ups STILL hears nothing but crickets once the bell rings.

    He sucks, not at wrestling but getting people emotionally invested. Indifference. The worst thing you can get.

  14. Saxon says:

    You know, there are other things to do and different shows to watch if this is effecting your life that much.

  15. MC Live says:

    Being there in the Stadium, probably Punk Taker. To give @Jempires One and answer, it was quiet for the better half of the HHH Lesnar match. Not because of those two, but because they followed CM Punk and the Undertaker. H and Brock still had a good match, and towards the end they started getting the crowd to come back to them.

    Also, I thought Rock Cena was much better than last year. Maybe I missed something being live as opposed to TV, but I felt all the matches were good. Overall, a loved WrestleMania this year. Only thing I would have changed would have been Ryback winning. He needs a PPV win. Other than that, I thought it was a great show, and can’t wait to get the DVD to relieve the magic, and see how it came off on TV

  16. cas says:

    I think every match hit their points. There is no reason Taker/punk won’t be MOY nominee. I thought Y2J/Fandango was pretty spot on, Fandango no has the contol to take his character to the next level. Solid B for all matches

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