Staff predictions for Wrestlemania 29: Undertaker vs. CM Punk

Apr 7, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

* Brian Leeman: I want to believe that Punk can beat Taker, but I don’t see it. This feud has been fantastic but it’s time for Undertaker to get back at Punk for all the trouble he’s caused. The mind games that Punk has been using has been great. Seems like a bit of role reversal. I’m just hoping this is a very competitive match. Taker is keeping the streak in tact and facing Cena next year.

Winner: The Undertaker

* Michael Riba: As I stated last year, I have been a proponent of ending the streak ever since Randy Orton faced The Undertaker at WrestleMania 21. Every year, however (and unsurprisingly), the streak continues. Undertaker is finally facing someone new at WrestleMania, something he hasn’t done since his first match against Shawn Michaels way back at WrestleMania XXV. The past four years, Taker has taken part in the best match of the night (although, I could make a strong argument for Orton/Punk at Mania XXVII), and I don’t think this year will be any different. Punk will bring out the best in Taker, and vice versa, and the ending number will indeed have a “1” in it. Unfortunately for Punk, he won’t be the “1” in 20-1, but he will be the “21” in 21-0.
Prediction: The Undertaker goes 21-0.

* Jamie Cruickshan​k: If you’d asked me a month or so ago, I’d have probably said that Punk would break the streak. Having seen the storyline play out, I can’t see anything other than an Undertaker ‘revenge win’

* Mike McMahon: Undertaker over Punk
No explanation needed Part 1

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