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Staff predictions for Wrestlemania 29: Ryback vs. Mark Henry

* Brian Leeman: Mark Henry has looked unstoppable while Ryback has looked slightly stoppable. Still, I see Ryback pulling out the win here. It’s too big of a match in his career for him to lose.

* Michael Riba: This is the match that I am iffy about. These two guys can have good matches, but I’m not sure if they can have a good match against each other. Henry recently returned from injury and reopened the Hall of Pain, which Ryback is now a member of. These men went rep-for-rep in a bench press contest on Smackdown, and Ryback was about to beat Henry’s mark before Henry shoved the bar onto Ryback’s throat. This being Ryback’s first WrestleMania, and seeing how he has lost at every pay-per-view event since October, he’ll get the win in this one.
Prediction: Ryback gets the win.

* Jamie Cruickshan​k: Another one that I simply don’t care about. Don’t get me wrong, I like both guys, but there’s no raison d’etre for this match. If there’s a winner, I think it’ll be Ryback, but I can see this one going to a draw.
WINNER: No-one

* Michael Riba: Ryback over Henry
Complete with the “oh my God he slammed him” moment

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  1. Simba says:

    Assuming he wins, I have a bad feeling Ryback will completely botch/be unable to lift Henry for the Shellshocked and will have to pin Henry with a clothesline (just like what happened with Tensai).

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