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Notes on Mick Foley’s WWE HOF speech

– WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk on Mick Foley: “I love him like an ugly brother.”

– Arena wide “thank you Foley” chant at the Garden

– Foley has some fun with Duggan saying “we’re not the same guy” and is so happy the Bella’s are back in WWE.

– Foley: “I feel bad for WWE HoF Class of 2014, this year is stacked.”

– Foley says Snuka’s splash off the cage at MSG is sill the most impressive sight he’s ever seen in his life.

– Foley says many wrestlers didn’t care for his style but saw his passion and helped him along the way

– Foley couldn’t afford the 100 a week fee for wrestling school, offered 50, Domenic said “it’s too much, you pay 25”

– Foley gives props to Shane Douglas

– What was Foley thinking during HITC when tooth went through his lip? If he could get tongue through hole and wiggle, it would be great TV.

– Foley gives props to Taker. Says often when facing Taker, he & “Uncle Paul” would show their goosebumps to each other at ringside.

– Foley says he never beat Chris Jericho. Camera goes to Jericho and he mouths “not once!”

– Foley’s speech was roughly 35-40 minutes.

(thanks to Arda Ocal)

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  1. -J- says:

    cant wait til they upload it online

  2. Fisha695 says:

    You left out the best part, Jericho goes up on stage & lays down for Foley who then drops an elbow while CM Punk comes on stage to count the 3 for Foley to get a pin on Jericho.

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