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Daily Discussion: Who wins once in a lifetime 2?

Today’s topic: Which match at Wrestlemania 29 are you most looking forward to seeing?

Yesterday’s discussion – Wrestlemania 29 match you are most looking forward to seeing?

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23 Responses

  1. Nate says:

    I win once in a lifetime 2

  2. Nick A says:

    I’m giving the win to Cena, but I also strongly suspect some kind of build up to either Cena/Rock 3 in one month or a rematch between Brock and Rock in one month.

  3. Jack says:

    I think Cena disappoints his critics by not only winning but by not turning heel as is being teased. I have a question for those who have been ranting about a heel turn for months. If he turns does that mean you all start cheering for him?

  4. Robin says:

    Cena… But not cause I want him to just cause he will

  5. Dragon says:

    I’m not sure who will win but I do know the fans lost

  6. Prince Dann says:

    John Cena, after interference from a heel, turning John heel in the process :)

    and then hopefully, this is one of Rockys last appearances in the ring for a while!

  7. Jack says:

    I think the only way Cena turns is if Rock beats him again cleany and Cena snaps. The way Backlind did against Bret Hart.

  8. thrilledfan says:

    Lets be honest cena is never ever turning heel.

  9. thrilledfan says:

    Hes going to be the same dull never say die never surrender never face any kind of adversity or have any real depth that he has been for the past 10 years.

  10. Sinnful says:

    However if I was booking it I’d put Rock over and then Ziggler cashes his MITB and leaves Mania as Champ

  11. MC Live says:

    Cena. And he’ll turn heel… Not. He’s way too popular and important to the company to turn heel. It’s just not gonna happen. John will get his redemption, and become a 12 time WWE Champion

  12. Matt says:

    Cena wins and will join Paul Heyman. Automatic heal turn.

  13. Shawn L. says:

    Everyone says Cena wins, so I’m going with The Rock. Rocky lost twice to Austin at WM before getting a win. Not going to turn heel btw.

  14. Jempires One says:

    Best thing for the company:

    Taker beats Punk and after the match, Heyman kicks and walks out on a KO’d Punk.

    Cena beats Rock when Brock interferes. After the match, Brock beats down Rock and Cena looks to save Rock but then joins in and turns heel.

    Rock moves on to eventually feud with Brock.

    Cena then feuds with lower-level babyface guys like Kingston and Miz. 6-8 weeks later, long enough to seem like a departure, Punk returns unannounced as a tweener baby face to feud with Cena.

    Just a thought… Flame away.

  15. King B says:

    Out of nowhere John L with interfere and cost the rock the match but maybe not the title. Cena’s heel turn will be up in the air as the PPV goes off the air. The rematch will be Monday or the next PPV and cena will walk out champion as a heel.

  16. -J- says:

    I expect john cena to win just because of the lovefest between these two lately, but if rock retained I fully expect him to lose on RAW due to perhaps some type of controversial ending at mania.

  17. MC Live says:

    To throw this out there, Rock will never wrestle on Monday Night Raw again. The only time you’ll see a Rock match on RAW is if they play back a PPV match of his on Raw. Which won’t happen

  18. Meh says:

    John “Toilet Dinner” Cena will beat The Rock.

  19. Chicago Made Punk says:

    Can’t stop laughing @Dragon’s comment!!!

  20. Zach says:

    I can, … and did

  21. Zach says:

    Oh btw Cena wins but doesn’t realize Brock and Punk interfered as they go to beat Rock down Cena joins teasing his heel turn being final the turns on Brock Punk helps the Rock, Rock recovers Rock Bottoms Cena (and in my perfect world Dolph would cash in and win, but he can’t for his shot is at the World Title)

  22. Legend_Killer says:

    The Rock retains

  23. Dev says:

    None of the above is going to happen…. WWE has been disappointing their fans from a long time and it continues with this as well…. The Rock loses his title to cena and shakes his in next week Raw and goes back to make Hercules…. But he will return for next WM… Coz WWE needs him boost up their ratings since they dont have any big returns….
    And as for Cena, he is never turning heel, if he does WWE will loose incomes, they are getting from Kids accessories and food items…
    As for Brock, he may face Rock at WM30..

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