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Poll results: Best in the World tournament (Ziggler vs. Richards)

Best in the World tournament: West Bracket – Round 3

[3] Dolph Ziggler (63%, 240 Votes)
[2] Davey Richards (37%, 144 Votes)

Total Voters: 384

Ziggler will face the [1] Kurt Angle vs. [4] Christopher Daniels winners for the West region champioship

Click here for the best in the world tournament page

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9 Responses

  1. King says:

    You all are morons!!! Davey is twice the wrestler Ziggler will ever be this is bull!!!

  2. Wrestlings Future says:

    This is a bias tournament. Ziggler can’t wrestle nor should he even be involved in this tournament

  3. Shane says:

    The two commenters above me are ignorant. Dolph Ziggler could work Davey’s indirific marathon matches if he was in that environment and they’d all still be classics. Davey could never in a million years pull off Ziggler’s act because he has not one ounce of charisma. Dolph is leaps and bounds more well rounded that Richards and he has an amateur resume that you can refer to if you feel like picking apart his “technical ability”. Davey should have never beaten Chris Hero in round 1. Flat out.

  4. Adurka Durk says:

    LMAO @ Shane

    So because he tells you he has charisma, that automatically makes it true?

    Ziggler is nothing but blandness wrapped up in hype.

    He’s not a very good worker. His promos are laughable. He’s forcing his stupid little one liners which aren’t clever in the slightest.

    Ziggler is trash, an you really are a WWE mark if you buy into this talk that he’s actually good.

    He’s using a worn out stereotypical 80s guy gimmick, and you guys think he’s the next Ric Flair lol

  5. StunningSteve says:

    Surprise, surprise. Adurka Durk crawled out of his mom’s basement to call more people marks. You must have nothing better to do than troll the internet all day.

  6. Wrestlings Future says:

    @Shane you don’t know wrestling if you think Ziggler is a good wrestler.

    Let’s see, he worked in spirit squad, and sucked then, then he went to FCW, and could barely survive there. He can’t wrestle, has no charisma and is a talentless waste of space. Ziggler is the perfect example of a FILLER. He was brought up because WWE needed some wrestlers on the roster. If you notice, in developmental Ziggler was in tag team after tag team… He is a tag team wrestler and not a singles wrestler… He is a back up competitor and not a main eventer. Ziggler’s little brother(who is in NXT currently) is the better wrestler, actually has talent, has a better chance in the wrestling industry… And wrote a best selling book. Ziggler is a poser.

    Davey Richards… A former World Champion. A main eventer, an all around wrestler. The man could beat Ziggler with his eyes closed. Need I say anymore.

  7. Wrestlings Future says:

    Don’t worry Adurka Durk… I got your back.

  8. Shane says:

    Well I typed a response but it doesn’t appear to be showing up

  9. Adurka Durk says:

    Shut up, Shhhhteven.

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