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Daily Discussion: Wrestlemania 29 match you are most looking forward to seeing?

Today’s topic: Which match at Wrestlemania 29 are you most looking forward to seeing?

Yesterday’s discussion – Are you buying Wrestlemania 29?

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18 Responses

  1. Nick Walters says:

    Even though its been done before, Punk/Taker

  2. Nick Walters says:

    …or when Dolph cashes in the briefcase :)

  3. jim says:

    Looking forward to cena rock. But I know ill be dissapointed with a cena non turn

  4. thrilledfan says:

    Taker vs. Punk the only worthwile match on the whole card.

  5. Greg says:


  6. Jamie says:

    Jericho – Fandango

  7. MC Live says:

    Punk Taker. To everyone who says we’ve seen it before, the CM Punk and Undertaker of the fall of 2009 and very different thran the CM Punk and Undertaker of April 2013. And let’s be honest, it’s the two best workers in the business. It’ll be fantastoc

  8. AtleeGreene says:

    Taker vs. Punk and Jericho vs. Fandango

  9. someone says:

    CM Punk vs Undertaker.

  10. cas says:

    I say Y2J/Fandango. we know what to expect from the main eventers. I think I’m more interested in the aftermath of WM

  11. jimmy pink says:

    Punk and Taker.

  12. darko22582 says:

    Punk vs taker

  13. Scott II says:


    They ought tear the building down

  14. Meh says:

    CM Punk vs Undertaker.

  15. aag44 says:

    Punk/Taker and (and I’m sure I’m one of a small few to say this) the mixed tag match. Out of all the people who get the chance to be in the ring at WM this year, I can’t think of two more worthy than Naomi and Damien Sandow, so I want to see them go out there, give it all they got, and impress people.

  16. Mr. Black says:

    Shield vs. sheamus, Orton, big show. You know that match will have some crazy wrestlemania moments. I’m more looking forward to taker vs. punk though, simply with the build-up.

  17. Legend_Killer says:


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