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4/5 WWE Smackdown Recap

by Brian Leeman

Start off with Primo & Epico vs Ryback. Tonight’s show is mostly recaps with Wrestlemania hype.

Match #1
Epico/Primo vs Ryback
Primo and Epico manage to outsmart and stomp away at Ryback. Couple tags are made as Ryback begins to fight back. Ryback gives Epico a stunner-like maneuver. Double spear from Ryback. Double Shell Shocked.
Winner: Ryback

Long hype segment for Triple H vs Brock Lesnar followed by Hall Of Fame hype.

Recap of Fandango attacking Chris Jericho.

Hype of Shield vs Sheamus/Orton/Big Show.

Tons of Funk theme hits but Rhodes, Sandow and The Bellas come out dressed up as the members of Tons of Funk, mocking them. They dance around and do some gangnam style. Bellas look like they stuffed a pillow in the back of their shorts. Sandow insults Brodus & Sweet T, assuring them that this is not flattery. Tons of Funk comes out and clears the ring out. They dance themselves.

Undertaker vs CM Punk hype and a promo package for Donald Trump.

Recaps of both Rock and Cena’s promos from Monday. Followed by a short interview with Del Rio where we see him being beat with the crutch.

Main Event
Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston
Kofi uses his speed to start off the match, jumping over Swagger and elbow dropping him. Kofi springboard ax handle smash. Back from the break, Swagger is beating down Kofi. Snapmare by Swagger into an arm submission. Kofi gets out and goes for the SOS but Swagger stops it. Swagger goes for a Swagger Bomb but Kofi gets his feet up. Kofi with a springboard crossbody for two. Swagger puts Kofi on the top rope. Kofi tosses Swagger off the ropes and goes for a crossbody. Swagger catches him in mid air and goes for a Doctor Bomb. Kofi hits the SOS for two! Swagger with a chop block to Kofi, followed by an ankle lock. Kofi taps out.
Winner: Jack Swagger

And that’s all folks! Enjoy Mania!

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4 Responses

  1. Ahmad says:

    No ADR? Smart move not having your WHC on television days before the biggest PPV of the year

  2. RS says:

    This week’s Smackdown was really just WrestleMania hype with a couple matches thrown in

  3. Scott II says:

    And to add on what RS said, hasn’t past Skackdowns before WrestleMania been nothing more than on big promo for Mania

  4. Meh says:

    The UK and other places got the International version of Smackdown where instead of the matches listed above in this topic there was WrestleMania Rewind matches. :(

    The first match on the WrestleMania Rewind that was on the International version of Smackdown was John Cena vs Batista from WrestleMania 26.

    The second match on the WrestleMania Rewind that was on the International version of Smackdown was Edge vs Undertaker from WrestleMania 24.

    The third match on the WrestleMania Rewind that was on the International version of Smackdown was Triple H vs Randy Orton from WrestleMania 25.

    The fourth and final match on the WrestleMania Rewind that is on the International version of Smackdown was Hulk Hogan vs The Rock from WrestleMania 18.

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