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Mick Foley to be on WWE HOF broadcast after all

WWE has apparently changed their minds, and Mick Foley’s hall of fame induction will be televised Saturday on USA Network after all.

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  1. herbe says:

    it would be a crime if it weren’t televised. this is the man that helped beat wcw in the ratings war, he deserves it.

  2. Mr. Black says:

    You still have to admit trish getting snubbed is a travesty.

  3. herbe says:

    @Mr. Black
    this is from an article pwinsider just published:

    According to an article on, it looks like highlights from every induction this Saturday will be airing on the Tuesday special. They also mention that people can access exclusive content on the WWE App during the airing of the special.

  4. Fairfax says:

    The HOF ceremony sucks now anyway. It was great in 2004 @ Mania XX where they actually let the inductors and inductees speak for more than 4 minutes. Hell they even sold the event on a dvd by itself. I have no problem with them having the Hall of Fame ceremony but I think maybe they should have it on the friday night before Mania instead of the night before so these guys can truly be recognized for their contributions to this great business. It’s a nice gesture and its great that theyre recognizing athletes who maybe never stepped into a WW(W)F,E ring but giving them three minutes to talk and then rushing them off stage on the arm of whatever ex fitness skanks….er…..diva’s is wrong. Maybe even just invite the years inductee’s to WrestleMania to be announced as going in that year but then have the actual induction ceremony later in the year. Just my take. And Foley has long overstayed his welcome and come back so many times that it has absolutely tarnished his carreer and his legacy. I’m curious if they’ll list TNA Worlds Champion in his accolades. Haha

  5. Justin says:

    Fairfax have you not seen Flair’s induction? Or HBK? Well over 4 minutes.

  6. Neumanrko9 says:

    @Fairfax they let them talk as long as they want it’s just edited down to an hour when it’s aired on USA, they always include the full version on the DVD/Blu-Ray

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