Kane on teaming with Daniel Bryan

Apr 4, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Marvel.com posted an interview with Kane. Here is an excerpt:

What Is His Favorite Part of Teaming With Daniel Bryan?: No, there are no favorite things. Everything’s really bad. It’s terrible! He’s self-centered, he’s an egomaniac, he has a horrible beard no matter what anybody else says about it—everything! He always messes everything up, I always have to go in and clean it up. Kane (photo courtesy of WWE) He’s single-handedly destroying whatever remains of American fashion. I mean I do [appearances] with Daniel, and people say, “I think your beard’s really great, and I’m trying to grow one just like it.” The last thing we need [is] people walking around with Daniel Bryan beards. And of course, some women think he’s really manly with the beard. And all this is doing is feeding the fire, which is going to consume everything. It’s very destructive. It’s terrible. But on the other hand, I’ve had a lot of fun doing stuff with Team Hell No because I’ve never really done anything like this in my career. Everything else has always been very serious in a lot of cases—very dark. And this reminds me in some ways of DX because DX was so entertaining outside the ring with the stuff that they do. But then of course Triple H and Shawn [Michaels] and the other guys who were involved at various times, they were all great wrestlers, too. So you get the entertaining stuff outside the ring, but then you had the serous in-ring work. And I think it’s the same with Daniel Bryan and [me]. And the fact that we’re able to play off of each other and contrast. I’ve had other tag teams where we’ve contrasted with our in-ring style but never one to this extent where the whole thing was built around the contrast with our characters. Normally as a tag team you try to meld the characters together instead of trying to accentuate the differences between them.

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