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Daily Discussion: Are you buying Wrestlemania 29?

Today’s topic: Are you going to purchase the Wrestlemania 29 PPV? Why or why not?

Yesterday’s discussion – The Wrestlemania 29 build up

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16 Responses

  1. Ethan Skie says:

    No but only because I am going into hospital for a knee operation so my friend is recording it and bringing it in for me to watch Monday morning

  2. thrilledfan says:

    No im not paying 60 bucks for one match. Even if i do know that one match will be very very good.

  3. MC Live says:

    No. But only because I’m going. To WrestleMania

  4. cas says:

    yea, a few of us usually go half on summerslam, WM, and Rumble. lets hope its worth it

  5. The Sheild says:

    No, it’s not worth the price tag. It’s as predictable as the pre tapped TNA ppv’s. I’ll catch a replay of Punk vs Taker cause that’s the only great match on the card

  6. Chewie215 says:

    Not buy go to friends maybe if,i get off work lol

  7. edgehead says:

    I’ll be there

  8. Phil says:

    Of Course I Am

  9. DMNKNG says:

    Nop, ’cause in France, it’s free if you have the right channel.

  10. rebel says:

    Nope, as long as the WWE doesn’t give a crap about fans like me, I’m not giving them a penny. I will watch it though…

  11. joseph says:

    No not me…the first time in 5 years or so. it just doesnt seem worth it. all rematches of kinds and predictable results. plus the build up has been terrible.

    even though rematches i think they should all be good.
    no celebrities this year. maybe a good thing. hopefully the weather will be decent and not cold and windy.

    im just waiting for the usual suprise comeback on monday night raw. i heard it might be RVD?

  12. Scott II says:

    No, only because I have to work, and I got a vacation next week I need to use what’s left of my vacation time for.

  13. Eric says:

    Nope. Only matches I’m interested in is Punk/Taker and Cena/Rock. Only interested in Cena/Rock cause I honestly could see Cena winning and then setting up a tie breaker match for next year

  14. Guled says:

    i’m streaming it with a buddy of mine.

  15. Beacon of Hope says:

    No way. Worst Mania card in a long time. I will not pay a dime for this PPV or even put forth the effort to watch a stream. I would not even go see this event in person if someone gave me tickets, it is not even worth dealing with the traffic. I will just read the results on, and hope something major happens to make me actually give enough of a sh*t to tune in Monday night. Just my opinion. This card does nothing for me. I would rather drink beer and watch paint dry.

  16. alvaro says:

    Not even for free.

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