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WWE responds to Michael Moody’s comments regarding Bearer angle

On Monday night after RAW was over, Michael Moody, one of the sons of
Paul Bearer, went on Facebook and wrote that what happened at the end of
RAW was totally different than what WWE presented to him and his brother
just days after their father died. “If anyone is wondering, yes WWE did
come to us wanting approval for tonight’s storyline. The way it was
presented to us was ok. Seeing it on screen was a different story. I don’t
even know what to say,” Moody wrote on his Facebook. The angle he was
referring to was when CM Punk attacked the Undertaker with the urn and
then proceeded to empty the urn on Taker and rubbing the ash on himself.
WWE today issued an alert to several websites which includes a transcript
of the text messages that Michael Moody sent to WWE. WWE stated that they
are using the text messages with his permission. “Hey. I woke up in time
to watch the tail end of the show. What you explained would happen
happened. Which is fine. Just it was a little difficult to watch it play
out,” Moody wrote in his message to WWE. “I put a message on Facebook last
night saying that we approved it but it wasn’t what I envisioned. That I
didn’t have anything to say. Well woke up this morning and that quote is
being used all over “media outlets”. For the record. I was fine w it. Was
hard to watch but y’all are professionals and I trust,” he concluded.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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8 Responses

  1. Captain Ass says:

    That clears it up then. Move on, people.

  2. Boogeyman says:

    His dad loved the business. Yeah it was a little twisted but that’s what wrestling is

  3. Trig says:

    I was really surprised when I saw what they wrote. Everyone else that knew him and commented (that I saw) on the angle felt that he would have backed it 100%, so this makes a lot more sense to me and I’m glad they’re alright with it.

  4. Mackdeezy says:

    I knew this was what exactly what was happening. I knew all along. Move along people, its not a car crash, its a near miss. As for Billy Graham, hah! What your smart a$$ gotta say now?

  5. Craig says:

    It was still very bad taste, and its been weeks since the death of Paul Bearer, and for the WWE to be going to them for storylines to sell Mania is bad taste at all.

    I don’t understand this need for WWE to use death in storylines, its bad taste, and even worst taste.

    I’m really getting sick of people saying “He loved the business, he’d of been fine with it” How do we know that, just because you love something doesn’t mean you want your death chucked all over the place, the children have said it was difficult to watch, just because everyone involved agreed doesn’t mean it wasn’t in bad taste. Everyone involved in the Katie Vick storyline went along with it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t bad taste.

  6. Barney says:

    Lol marks falling for stuff! LOL

  7. Denis says:

    Craig you hit the nail right on the head. I’ve said similar things. It was, and still is, in bad taste. But then again, that’s what the WWE has been known for.

  8. rebel says:

    @Craig. Paul Bearer did not die, William Moody did. Paul Bearer was a fictional character played by William Moody. As far as I know, Moody has not been mentioned in the angle at all. WWE owns the character, they didn’t have to get anyone’s permission for it. Bad taste was when they used Jerry Lawler’s mother’s death in a storyline.

    I’m not easily offended so I could care less about the moral aspect of the angle, but like a few others have already said, it’s lazy writing and it commits the biggest sin in the world of entertainment: it’s boring.

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