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Daily Discussion: The Wrestlemania 29 build up

Today’s topic: On a scale from one to ten (with ten being awesome, and one being awful), how would you rate this year’s build for WrestleMania?

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8 Responses

  1. david r. says:

    I would give it an 8. Build up alone, the matches all have been built fairly well. However, can’t give it a 10 because the card seems kinda weak. They had to add HBK so more people would watch it.

  2. MC Live says:

    On a 1-10 scale, 2 for Rock Cena, 9 for Brock Triple H, 10 for Punk Taker. Overall, probably a 7. I do like WrestleMania just cause its mania, so I’ve been excited

  3. Big Travis says:

    I think they missed a lot of opportunities with every match buildup. I would give it a 5, which is sad considering the card potential. Also disappointed that the IC match isn’t on the show and Cody Rhodes and the funkasaurus are.

  4. cas says:

    I give it a 7, its WM so its not like you won’t watch it. They’ve hit some highs on all the fueds going in, and my opinion they missed some marks. It should be a solid B PPV…predictability or not

  5. Adam says:

    yeah probably a 7 – cena/ rock just isnt very interesting right now cuz there’s nothing other than these two on the microphone once a week that’s meaningful. punk/ taker has been money, and lesnar/ hhh is great as well thanks to paul heyman.

  6. Beacon of Hope says:

    I really do not want to be that guy….but I have to say 1. I have zero interest in anything they are doing this year for mania. I am more excited for the Hall of Fame this year. I hope Mania proves me wrong, and has some big surprises that makes Monday night a must-see show, but based on the build up, they will not get my money this year for Mania.

  7. Woodsmeizter says:

    7 for the upper card but I am not to fussed about the lower card. Punk / Taker has been really good and edgy, Brock / Triple H and Rock / Cena have been quite generic but they are all part timers bar Cena so it was more difficult.

    Would have rather Jericho vs Barrett as it had more of a storyline built in with Jericho been the record holder for title reigns and been Barretts leader on NXT it had some legs behind it already.

    Also tag titles feels thrown together abit would rather have had a four way tag match with prime time players, Usos and Colons showcasing their talents against Kane and Bryan. Ziggler could have worked Miz in a battle of the egos and then cashed in later.

    Swagger / Del Rio has been ok I guess but hoping the match is a good wrestling contest.

  8. darko22582 says:

    There have been bits from all the stories that have been awesome the Zeb & jack break kayfabe video, the one fight between lesnar and triple h, I liked the hof panel with rock and cena and the whole punk/taker story has been great. Even Aj volunteering Dolph & big e was decent and fit her quirky character. the orton-sheamus-show build up has been kinda weak but i hope the shield smashes on them anyway. the rest has been kinda flat Imo

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