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Best in the World Tournament: [1] CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins

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(1) CM Punk


(5) Seth Rollins

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  1. Alex says:

    CM Punk!

  2. I'mTheRealManWhale says:

    If MockWhale respondes, tell him i said his opinion’s irrelevant to wrestling fans. we don’t care about what people who watvh wrestling think

  3. I'mTheRealManWhale says:

    You know what, i’m fixin to tell yall the truth about my experience as the real manwhale just so we can seperate mockwhale from myself. right now, im pittsburd, pa returning to lubbock, tx from stamford, ct. when i heard wwe was looking for creative writers, i dropped everything (quite my job, left my dog, and abadoned my home) and hopped on a greyhound to get the job. even if i didnt get that job, ive been working in production for cbs long enough to get a job running cable. i wouldnt have cared if they gave me a job sweeping the floors. i left it all to be homeless in stamford just so i could get an interview. when i got to stamford, i stayed at the americas best value inn right in front of wwe headquarters so i could get a job and be homeless in ct while it was 40 degree weather during the day. i took a walk down main street and when i saw the front doors, i thought i had it made. i buzzed the lady (a dirty blonde) at the front desk and asked her if i could turn in my resume and get an interview. she took my resume and slammed the door in my face. i came back an hour and explained to the other lady (a brunette) my situation. she told me there was nothing she could do. told me “if they want me, they’ll call me”. so feeling defeated, i continued down main street to weed ave and started at the cove feeling defeated. i went back to my one day rented hotel (which was 100 dollars) and cried because i realized my dream was shot down faster than a korean warhead. now im in pittsburg at 3 in the morning realizing theres nothing left of my life. im picking my ball up and going back to my hometown to nothing. thats why im a wrestling fan. my love for this business cost me everything and ive got wwe to thank for that. but id rather have swung and missed than to never have played ball. what’s your story mockwhale?

  4. I'mTheRealManWhale says:

    Too many errors to correct, thanks spell check

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