4/3 WWE Main Event Recap

Apr 3, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

By: Kevin Hensley

April 3, 2013 (Taped April 1, 2013)

Washington, D.C. at the Verizon Center

Commentators: Michael Cole & John “Bradshaw” Layfield

Some quick housekeeping. I’d like to remind everyone that the match times I list are times SHOWN, not times where we went to commercial, etc. ALL match times are TV time shown ONLY. Ok, so I find it a high possibility the WrestleMania 29 “hype machine” will be in OVERDRIVE tonight, so with that, let’s see what we get this week on WWE Main Event.

-Main Event open, with full pyro

-The Miz’s music hits, and he comes out in his wrestling gear. So, who’s replacing him on commentary tonight? We find out soon enough, as Cole & JBL (sweet!) are shown on screen. Here comes The Miz’s opponent(s), the Prime Time Players. Before the bell can ring, however, WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett comes out, tells The Miz he’s just here to scout, then joins Cole & JBL on commentary. Referee Scott Armstrong calls for the bell, here we go!

1. The Miz VS The Prime Time Players: Two-on-One Handicap Match

-Miz and Darren Young start. Miz grabs a side headlock, and then takes Young down with it. Back up, Darren grabs a headlock of his own, but Miz pushes him off into the ropes, which leads to Miz being knocked down by a shoulderblock. Darren leaps over, ducks a leapfrog, blocks a hip toss attempt by Miz, misses a clothesline, bounces off and Miz catches him FLUSH with a back elbow, then an atomic drop, and lastly tries to lock on the FIGURE FOUR, but Young fights his way to the ropes to STOP ALL THAT! PTP tries to re-group outside, as we go to commercial QUICK, 1:11 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-Before we re-join the action, we get an ad for WWE assisting in the Hurricane Sandy relief. If any of you want to help, visit www.charitybuzz.com/WWE.

-Back from break, and Miz ducks away from Titus O’ Neill in the corner, then mocks Titus’ “Walrus yell.” Miz ducks a clothesline and hammers away at Titus. O’Neill pushes him off into the corner, charges and catches a boot in the mush. Miz charges and promptly realizes YOU CAN’T MOW OVER TITUS! Titus picks Miz up and knocks him back down with one punch. Miz back up and the southpaw hammers away at O’Neill, lands a chop, Irish whip, Titus reverses, ducks down and gets kicked for his trouble, Miz bounces off and tries a sunset flip, but O’Neill reaches down and grabs Miz by the throat, picks him up, knee to the gut and an uppercut and Miz is back down. Titus EASILY scoop-slams Miz, then tags Young. Darren stomps at Miz, and then locks in a reverse chinlock. Miz fights up, tries to punch out, but Young stops that, tries a suplex, but Miz blocks and lands his own suplex. Nice spot. Miz picks Darren up, runs him headfirst into the turnbuckle, climbs up and lands the 10 PUNCH. Back down, Miz pulls Young into a SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE. Hadn’t seen that in a while, nice. Cover, 1, 2, no. Miz whips Darren in, ducks down and this time, Miz gets kicked, and then knocked down. Darren drags Miz over to his corner, drops an elbow, tags in Titus, who comes in and drops his own elbow. Titus chokes The Miz over the second rope, then tags Young back in. Darren picks him up, whips Miz in, but Miz comes off and catches Darren with THE DREADED KNEE TO THE GUT. And not even out of a chinlock this time! Miz comes off and punts Darren in the face with his boot. Cover, 1, 2, no. Young rolls outside, and Titus comes over, first to console, then to roll him back in. Miz is waiting, and catches Darren in the corner with kicks and punches. Miz pulls Young out, kicks him three times in the gut, tries a whip, Darren stops that, gives The Miz some kicks to the gut (returning the favor,) tries to whip Miz in, but he reverses and…kinda, sorta catches Darren with a kick to the gut. A LOT of kicking in the last 30 seconds or so. Miz tries for the FIGURE FOUR, but Young pushes him off and into Titus, knocking O’Neill off the apron. Miz turns around, ducks a clothesline, and catches Young with his back/neckbreaker combo. 1, 2, no. We go to break quickly, 6:01 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-Before we join back with the handicap match, we get an ad for WrestleMania Sunday, focusing on Cena/Rock for the WWE Championship.

-AND WE’RE BACK! Titus charges and knocks The Miz down with a shoulderblock. Rolls him over, cover, 1, 2, no. O’Neill picks The Miz up, and locks in the ABDOMINAL STRETCH!!! All right! The late, great Gorilla Monsoon would’ve been proud, as Titus is actually tall enough to make the move work. Miz punches Titus in the left thigh to fight out (good idea,) Titus pushes him into the ropes, ducks and AGAIN, eats a kick (you think they’d figure out, DON’T DUCK DOWN OFF AN IRISH WHIP!!!!) then Miz comes off and Titus catches him in mid-air, hits a backbreaker, HOLDS HIM AND THROWS HIM OVER HIS SHOULDER! WOW! Crowd came alive there. Cover, 1, 2, no. Titus tags in Darren, who kicks Miz, punch, chops Miz down, MEASURES him with a legdrop, and gets a 2 count. Young locks in another reverse chinlock. Miz finally back up, catches two elbows, Young stops that, winds Miz’s arm for a whip, but Miz catches Darren charging in with an elbow, comes out and takes him down and CLUBBERS. Both men back up, and Darren comes off with a HANGMAN’S CLOTHESLINE! You never see that particular clothesline on WWE, rarely if so. Darren tags Titus, who comes in and front suplex’s Darren onto Miz. That hurt Young, but he rolls out so O’Neill can get 1, 2, no. Titus jaws with Armstrong about the count, but Scott quickly assures him that it’s a lost cause. Miz pulls himself up in the corner, Titus charges and hits Miz with a SPLASH. 1, 2, no. Titus jaws with some fans, and then charges Miz AGAIN in the corner, but this time misses! Does a heel get a “hot tag?” Guess not, because Young gets the 50 degrees tag instead. Miz is ready, though, ducks a clothesline, and lands a kick to the head, kneelift and then a boot to the head to FINALLY knock Darren down. Who does he think he is, SUPER YOUNG? I kid, I kid. Miz gets the crowd behind him, charges and lands his patented corner clothesline, shows his ring awareness by catching a charging Titus on the apron with a boot, climbs up top and lands a double axe handle. Cover, 1, 2, no. Man, Miz’s conditioning must be great. The match is speeding up! Young pushes Miz into the ropes, picks him up into a fireman’s carry, Miz elbows his way off, kicks Darren down to his knees, and lands a DDT. 1, 2, THERE’S TITUS! O’Neill hammers away, as Scott tries to get Titus to stop. He charges, and Miz low-bridges the top rope and O’Neill goes tumbling. Miz turns around, charges and Young lands a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX FOR 1, 2, 2.9999999. Miz pounds away when he’s picked up, bounces off the ropes where O’Neill trips him, Miz turns around to inquire the reasoning behind that, and Young sneaks up and rolls Miz into a schoolboy for 1, 2, eh. Miz pops back up, dropkicks Titus through the ropes, turns around, trips Young and locks on the FIGURE FOUR for the quick tapout.

Winner: The Miz in 11:55. Man, what a match. PTP used a TON of tag team psychology here, and some moves not seen very often on WWE Television, which was a nice change from the norm. The Miz? Man, his conditioning must be…wait for it…AWESOME! as he went full tilt with a tag team with no breaks, and kept up well. A few minor sloppy spots, but this match is worth checking out if you like old-school psychology. ***/5.

-Miz stares at Barrett at the commentary table, and then we see a replay of the finish. Afterwards, the staredown continues, as we see a graphic promoting their match on the pre-show at ‘Mania Sunday.

-Mr. McMahon has joined Twitter! Follow him!

-UP NEXT! CM Punk disrespected The Undertaker AGAIN on Raw Monday night. What did he do? Find out (or relive it,) next!

-DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU COULD GO SOMEWHERE? This ad is for the “WWE Superfan Showdown,” exclusively available on Facebook. Ok, now go use the bathroom.

[Commercial Break]

-Back to Main Event, we see a graphic for Punk/Undertaker Sunday at ‘Mania, then the FULL segment from Raw Monday. Worth seeing, even if some found it offensive.

-We segue after that package to the Triple-H/Lesnar match at ‘Mania, then see highlights from Raw Monday, where Shawn came out to encourage Hunter, Heyman & Lesnar interrupts, Triple-H is going to have to retire, you know the bit by now. Nice sell so far tonight for WrestleMania, though.

-NEXT! We see buildup to the six-man tag at ‘Mania.


[Commercial Break]


-Back from break, we see an exterior shot of D.C., and then go to Swagger’s promo outside the Capitol Monday on Raw, then a graphic for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity against the champ, Alberto Del Rio, Sunday at WrestleMania.

-We see the graphic for the six-man tag again (that’s Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show VS The Shield, for all of you living under a rock.)

-Backstage, Matt Striker is standing by (below, rather) with The Big Show. Striker asks Show if he’s turning over a new leaf, to which Show says (paraphrasing here,) that his team wouldn’t want that for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Show vows to help take down the Shield.

-NEXT! Final hype (well, for tonight anyway) for Cena/Rock at ‘Mania.

[Commercial Break]

-ONE LAST AD!!! The Rock’s new video game, “Rockpocalypse” (an awesome name BTW,) is out now. Buy it!

-We get a nice three minute music video recapping the year-long build to the re-match between Rock & Cena this Sunday at WrestleMania, this time with Rock defending the WWE Title. After the video, Cole talks over a graphic, then we close with a shot of Cena & Rock staring at each other on a recent episode of Raw.

FINAL THOUGHTS: As predicted, the WrestleMania “hype machine” was in full force tonight, as we only got one exclusive match. That being said, why not use all the air time possible to entice potential PPV buyers? The exclusive match tonight ROCKED, all the hype was solid and top-notch (as usual with WWE’s production,) so we’ll go ****.

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