Trish Stratus talks about her legacy in wrestling

Apr 2, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck posted an interview with Trish Stratus. In the interview, Stratus is asked:

What legacy do you feel you left in pro wrestling for future female wrestlers?

Stratus replied: I’d like to think that we made a point of – we wanted to go and redefine how women’s wrestling was perceived. I think we really wanted to represent –to showcase a woman that could be strong and powerful. Being a female and making it in a male-dominated world was important for me to showcase that. I think we accomplished that. At the time, when we saw a lot of the female demographic it’s easy enough to see them come up and say, “We love what you do.” They were looking at us not just like, “Oh, you do this cool thing called wrestling on TV.” They were looking at us like, “You went after your goals and you tried, you showed us a different side of what women could do and you showed us a strong, powerful female.” Now that we’ve accomplished all that we wanted to, that’s what the women’s division in the WWE is all about.

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