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Vince McMahon tweets

Vince McMahon’s first tweeted:

Hello @WWEUniverse! The Chairman is now on @Twitter. Get ready for #BigReveal on Friday night. In the meantime…#RAW

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5 Responses

  1. Agent Cooper says:

    @Crankyvince is the real Vinny Mac.

  2. Bolivwx says:

    Hell froze over… o_o

  3. OhYouDidntKnow says:

    Whats the big reveal?

    Vince is the higher power?
    It was me austin it was me all along.

    Or Who pushed cena to death.
    It was me Cena it was me all along.

    Or who shot the sheriff
    It was me marley it was me all along.

  4. kev says:

    Oh dear, someone has left their computer on. Grandpa drop the computer, and then we can watch your amazing son-in-law kick everyone in the balls. Won’t that be great?

  5. The Sheild says:

    Bet it’s more on the network or some crappy unification thing.

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