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Diva of the day – Velvet Sky

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  1. Prince Dann says:

    I wish she would stick to the catsuit. It actually gave her some class and made her look different, more grown up.

    Now, with the pink and fluff and glitter stuff she looks like a wannabe teen barbie. Its awful.

  2. art123guy says:

    Prince Dan-I gotta disagree here. I thought the black catsuit, while HOT, didn’t fit her as a baby face. Maybe if she was a heel and if Tara wasn’t wearing similar stuff it would work. If she wanted a new look, she should look at what Trish Stratus wore when she was wrestling.

    Truth be told, what bothered me the most about the look was the makeup and hair. It make her look old, not grown up.

  3. cas says:

    there is someting wrong with you two…she could wear that lady gaga meat dress and still be sexy

  4. art123guy says:

    I didn’t say she wasn’t sexy, just the above look didn’t fit her character and was a bit unflattering. Apparently most agree since it only lasted 3 or 4 Impact shows.

  5. -J- says:

    I agree with cas…bunch of fashion divas on here, who overthinks a hot chick?

  6. david says:

    Please bring the catsuit back.

  7. Stonz says:

    I will say it again… Velvet Sky has THE BEST rack in the wrestling business!

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