3/30 WWE house show results from Atlantic City, NJ

Mar 31, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

(1) IC champion Wade Barrett won a Battle Royal to face Del Rio later in the show. Pretty standard stuff. The finish came when Bryan tried to eliminate Kane and failed, then after some back and forth “Yes!” and “No!” stuff, they hugged, leading to Kane throwing Bryan out. While Kane was celebrating, Barrett threw him over the top rope to win the right to later face Del Rio. Sadly, this was Bryan and Kane’s only appearance on the show, as everyone else was featured later.

(2) Divas champion Kaitlyn beat Tamina Snuka to retain the Divas Title. Pretty decent match, the crowd was surprisingly active, and they got behind Kaitlyn throughout. She won after Tamina missed her splash.

(3) U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro beat R-Truth to retain the U.S. Title. Truth came out rapping, then Cesaro came out and called rapping pathetic before yodeling in the ring. It was actually really funny and got the crowd on his side a bit until Truth kept starting “USA” chants every five minutes when he wasn’t yelling “What’s Up!” Solid action and pretty good match that Cesaro ended up winning with The Neutralizer.

After the match, The Shield came out to destroy Truth. A beat down was followed by a triple powerbomb. The crowd was into it.

(4) World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio beat IC champion Wade Barrett via DQ to retain the World Title. Ricardo Rodriguez came out with his foot in a cast and a crutch, but was barely milking the injury. He actually just walked to the ring without hobbling. The action was decent mixed with a lot of restholds and playing to the crowd with “Si” chants. The finish came when Jack Swagger ran out to attack Del Rio.

Post-match, Miz came out to attack Barrett. Then, Jericho came running out and the place went nuts. The chaos was short-lived as Fandango came dancing on-stage to kill the mood. The crowd was mostly laughing during his entrance, but not in a good way. Vickie Guerrero then came out to set up a six-man tag match.

(5) World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio & Chris Jericho & The Miz beat IC champion Wade Barrett & Jack Swagger & Fandango in a six-man tag match. (Talk about the oddest six-man tag pairing ever.) I cannot stand Fandango, but I have to admit he’s pretty good in the ring. He really commits to the gimmick, mocking his opponent with dance moves in-between exchanges, and he pulled of a pretty slick-looking variation of a suplex. Jericho then mocked his dance moves to get the crowd going, and the crowd was really behind him. The only problem with the match was stalling. Fandango stalled for a good five minites before tying up with Jericho, then Swagger did the same after getting tagged in, threatening to leave for five minites before coming back. The finish came when Barrett tapped out to Del Rio’s cross arm-breaker.

[15-minute intermission.]

(6) Big Show beat 3MB in a handicap match. Pretty much what you would expect. The finish came when Big Show knocked one of them out, then double chokeslammed the other two. I was surprised how pro-Big Show the crowd was, considering he really hasn’t turned face, just joined with some superhero faces.

(7) Ryback beat Mark Henry in an Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge. Probably worst “match” of the night. Stalling galore, and they did this weird exchange at the beginning that looked like they were trying to hug. The crowd died except for sporadic “Feed Me More” chants. The finish came when Ryback was on the apron and he pulled down the top rope as Henry charged to send him over. I hope they turn up the heat for their Mania match because this was a snoozefest that a smark N.Y./N.J. crowd for Mania won’t take as nicely as the kiddies did.

Time for the main event of WWE Superheroes facing The Shield. Women in the crowd (my girlfriend included) went nuts for Orton, Sheamus came out to a decent reaction, and then Cena came out and everybody lost it – best reaction I’ve seen for him at any WWE event I’ve been to in the last five years. The crowd seemed to be about 95 percent kids, so this wasn’t surprising. As someone who can’t stand Cena, even I could see why he’s pushed the way he is. His merch was on almost everyone at the show, except for adult males. The Shield came out to a good reaction, too, and Roman Reigns was wearing a long-sleeve suit. I guess he’s getting ready for next Sunday’s cold.

(8) WWE Superheroes (John Cena & Randy Orton & Sheamus) beat The Shield via DQ in a six-man tag match. The match was pretty good, and the finish came when Seth Rollins hit Cena with a chair while he had Dean Ambrose in the STF. This lead to chaos, and then all the faces hit their finishers on each of the three Shield members to send the crowd home happy.

Credit: Chris O’Donnell & PW Torch

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