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Former WCW wrestler on Reid’s passing: ‘No more road trips with his ridiculous humor’

Former WCW grappler Brad “Lodi” Cain posted on Facebook:

More than 24 hours have passed since I got the text and phone call from Charles with the terrible news. At first, I didn’t believe it so I called another friend, Kristin, to have it confirmed, yet I still didn’t want to believe it. Not until I called Ashley and told her to tell me Reid was okay, and she said he wasn’t, did it begin to sink in. Reid was gone…

A whole lot of tears later and it still doesn’t seem possible. Reid was a great kid with a big heart and a world of potential, gone in an instant, all way too soon.

No more road trips with his ridiculous humor. No more matches that just flowed because we knew and “got” each other’s style. No more training days where we had fun but also worked hard to get better. No more sharing our stories and comparing our demons with promises to not let them win… Just simply, no more…

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  1. John Cena says:


  2. aag44 says:

    RIP Reid Flair. And beautiful words from Lodi (though I will say that the title, with no context, made me think he was being callous).

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