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Daily Discussion: Best heel turn

Today’s topic: What was the best heel turn you have ever seen?

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47 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Still gotta be Hogan at Bash at the Beach ’96.

  2. Prince Dann says:

    I will always remember Stephanie turning on Vince and joining Triple H, that evil smile on her face as she got up.

    For me, that. Without a doubt.

  3. Vandertodge says:

    I’m gonna go with John Cena at Wrestlemania 30 screwing the Undertaker out of the streak :-)

    It has to be Hogan joining the NWO!

    But my fav is Michaels superkicking Jannetty through the barber shop window!

  4. someone says:

    Hulk Hogan in 1996. Bringed so much heat and attention to WCW at the time

  5. Scott II says:

    Is there any question?!? Hogan revealing himself to be the third man in the nWo.

    Though Shawn Michaels turning on Marty Jannetty comes in second place.

  6. Greg says:

    I think Hogan. He was the ultimate face for so long that no one saw it coming. And he played the heel so well that it totally worked.

  7. Jess says:

    Just because of the way it changed wcw and wrestling as a whole I say hulk hogan to Hollywood hogan at bab 1996

  8. Saint Savage says:

    Everyone of Hulk Hogan’s “friends” that turned on him! Everyone got sick of him and turned on him…Orndorff, Savage, Beefcake, Said.

  9. -J- says:

    Hogan WCW, HBK turning on Marty Jannetty, Corporate Rock, Bret Hart, Sgt Slaughter.

  10. Woodsmeizter says:

    Why do people always say he super kicked jannetty through the glass window, did you even watch it!!! He super kicked him then through him through the window.

    Hogan at bash of the beach by far but some others I quite liked

    Punk turn on J.Hardy slow
    Austin at Wrestlemania 17
    Michaels on Jannetty
    Batista turning on Mysterio

  11. Skeeter Valentine says:

    I think Orton’s turn with. The RKO to Stacy was a favorite of mine.

    The barber shop window.

    Kane’s turn after the mask came off was another good one

  12. kak2sjak says:

    best heel turn of all time was when Lucifer turned against God in Heaven, and became the Devil, however, I didn’t witness that one. Best one I’ve seen was Hulk Hogan at 96 Bash at the Beach. Biggest face in the history of the company, possibly of all wrestling (up to that point) turning on them and the fans. Simply amazing.

  13. Zach says:

    Going with the collective opinion here its Hogans turn in 96 and for some time he was the best heel in the business.

  14. Jeff B says:

    Has to be Hogan revealing himself as the 3rd member of the NWO, the amount of trash in the ring during his speech was comparable to Bully Ray’s turn at Lockdown when he revealed himself as the leader of Aces & Eights.

    HBK’s superkick to Janetty must be a close second to Hogan’s turn.

    @Vandertodge – we’re all expecting Cena to turn heel at Mania but the question is how can he do it? Helping Punk to beat Taker and end the streak would be the easy way to go.

  15. Shawn L. says:

    Hogan’s heel turn was a long time coming. When Slaighter was heel during the war in ’91, that was awesome because of how sensitive it was to America.
    Orton at WM 30 will be cool.

  16. Fairfax says:

    Obviously the Hogan/NWO angle. I really liked how at Mania 13 Bret and Austin pulled off the double turn. I always thought it was funny back in the early 90’s WCW when Flair and Sting where pretty much ALWAYS the main event and then they would tag together and Flair would swear he wouldnt turn on Sting and then the first thing he would do is turn on Sting. The Rockers split was pretty good too. Savage and the Mega Powers split was pretty good. But a really REALLY big one that no one has mentioned is Sgt. Slaughter’s iraqi gimmick. That had major heat. Although not enough for them to sell out the rose bowl or wherever. But thats got to be in the top five.

  17. Ali says:

    Has to be the Road Warriors Vs the Midnight Express in the NWA! Warriors went in Babyfaces, and Midnights heels, and both teams switched places by the end of the match! This was many years prior to Bret and Austin doing the same thing at WrestleMania 13. Was quite a piece of work.

  18. Xavier says:

    For me, both of CM Punks heel turns were great. Cuz they were slow burning where he sort of did heelish things but subtly, and then had that moment where you know he is full fledged heel. The Rock turning corporate at Survivor Series along with the Shane McMahon screwing of Austin. Badass Undertaker heel turn because did anyone really see it coming, cuz I didn’t. Obviously HBK super kicking Marty and throwing him throw the barber shop window will live forever. I enjoyed Chris Jerichos slow turn that peaked when he snapped and kicked the hell out of Rey Mysterio. And then…..there’s Bash at the Beach 96….that’s all that needs to be said there

  19. Nick Walters says:

    Paul Bearer turning on The Undertaker at Sunmerslam 1996

  20. James says:

    By far, it has to be Barry Windham turning on Lex Luger and joining The Four Horsemen.

  21. kidd-cage says:

    3 top heel turns come in mind

    1.) Hogan join the NWO at Bash at the Beach 1996
    2.) Austin joins Vince at WM 17
    3.) Triple turns on DX to join the Corporation at WM 15

  22. Kerry says:

    To this day, mine has to be when Barry Windham first joined the Four Horsemen in 1988. He & Lex were NWA tag team champs defending against Arn & Tully. JJ Dillon rams Luger’s head agains the steel ringpost on the outside preventing him from getting back on the apron to make a tag to Barry who was fighting both Tully & Arn. When Luger finally does make it up on the apron, Barry tags him then pulls him in and bodyslams him, then pulls him up clotheslines him so Arn can pin him giving the Horsemen the belts & joining them.

  23. stan says:

    Davey boy Smith mid 90s wwf. See if anybody remembers that one

  24. Sinnful says:

    @Stan. Isn’t that when Davey turned on Diesal and joined with Camp Cornette?

  25. Sinnful says:

    As for favorite heel turn its a tie between Hogan at bash at the beach and Royal Rumble 94 when Owen turned on Bret after losing a shot at winning the tag team titles held by the Quebecers

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