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New Zealand TV network drops Impact Wrestling

TNA statement:

“We regret to inform our wonderful fans in New Zealand that TNA IMPACT WRESTLING will no longer air on the BOX beyond April 2013. Therefore the last episode of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING on the BOX will be on Saturday, April 27. It is the goal of everyone working at TNA IMPACT WRESTLING to find a new home for all TNA programming in New Zealand.”

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  1. I’m not the only New Zealander/Sky NZ subscriber who can confirm that The Box didn’t get behind TNA Impact Wrestling when it came to advertising and a good time slot. In the last 13 months TNA Impact Wrestling was on Sky NZ’s The Box channel, I rarely saw an Impact advert screen through the weeks, and adverts for TNA ppvs were non existent.

    The Box claim that the cancellation of Impact came to poor ratings and when they shifted it to different time slots it still failed to perform. Yet the only time they changed time slots was once from Saturday 9:30pm to the same night but an hour later! There are a lot of New Zealand wrestling fans who didn’t know that Impact Wrestling was on the Box and were surprised to realise that it was on NZ screens after the revelation was brought to their attention by word of mouth of other fans.

    Impact only receives 2 screenings, Saturday night @ 10:30pm and an encore on Sunday the next morning. Who is going to be watching at those times? People are out on Saturday nights and are either sleeping in or at church on Sundays. The Box have basically starved TNA of a decent time slot and advertising, thus preventing the TNA product in New Zealand from having the kind of successful following that it has in Australia and the United Kingdom. The Box could have easily prevented the demise of TNA on our screens, the Box’s line up consists mainly of back to back outdated episodes of the Simpsons, CSI, Law & Order and 24. Other shows which regularly (and continuously) air on the Box were cancelled years ago, so there were many opportunities to put Impact in a more prominent time slot. Saturday night’s early time slot consists of Pawn Stars @ 7, NCIS @ 7:30 and Criminal Intent back to back from 8:30-10:30. These episodes of Pawn Stars, NCIS and Criminal Intent are merely old repeat, but are given prime time slots that could be allocated a 24 hour delayed Impact Wrestling.

    I’m disgusted at the Box’s poor excuses and their inability to take responsibility for their stupid actions.

  2. Meh says:

    This is definitely a case of being Screwed By The Network. :(

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