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Daily Discussion: Worst Wrestlemania ever

Today’s topic: Which of the 28 Wrestlemanias was the worst of all time?

Yesterday’s discussion – Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

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27 Responses

  1. Vandertodge says:

    WrestleMania 9 – awful

  2. Vandertodge says:

    Oh, and WrestleMania 27 ban Taker v HHH

  3. Kid Vicious says:


  4. Shane says:

    I could with the easy answers. 9 was pretty bad, 2 wasn’t great, 8 could have been alot better. But I’ll go with the most recent pick, 25. Up and down pretty much a let down. And the main event angle sucked ass

  5. Ethan Skie says:

    Wrestlemania 11 was terrible, Wrestlemania 25 was almost as bad but the one I enjoyed the least was Wrestlemania 4

  6. Kid Vicious says:

    Wrestlemania 4?!!!
    Wow, I guess it’s all down to opinion, but I wouldn’t have thought that would’ve come up.
    Ok, it was long. Too long. And there were one too many buys during the tournament for my liking. But Macho Man got the strap! That alone makes it a standout for me, especially during Hogan’s heyday. But also, Bret Hart turned face, Warrior made his PPV debut, Rude and Roberts had a great back n forth, and most everyone on the roster got some airtime. I consider it a solid installment.

  7. Atlee Greene says:

    For my money, the worst ones are WrestleMania 9 and WrestleMania 27. I know WrestleMania 11 is not looked fondly upon but I remember loving it at the time when I was a youngster. WrestleMania 2 had its boring moments but overall, it has a big event feel to it.

  8. cas says:

    probably 9 is the only one i would consider worst

  9. The Sheild says:

    I’m gonna say 27, 28, & the upcoming 29, they’ve literally been dragging the same storylines for the last 3 years

  10. Kid Vicious says:

    Wrestlemania 11 had 4 good things going for it. And they belonged to two women…

  11. craig says:

    11. What do u guys mean by saying 9 sucked. It had an unpredictable finish. , stroylines weren’t the best but it was decent if u actually watched it pan out. 11,2, & 27 were the real dumpster fillers. Lol

  12. Simba says:

    Wrestlemania 27 – The Rock was dismal as the host, and the card (Taker vs Triple H aside) was rubbish.

  13. Steven Jackson says:

    For me its a toss between Wrestlemania IX, XI, XV, 2000, 22, 25 and XXVII. I think I’d have to go with 2000, besides the Triple Ladder match everything sucked.

  14. Scott II says:


    And remember, Hulk Hogan wasn’t the only one that day with an ego running wild. Remember, Shawn Michaels was supposed to drop the IC belt to Tatanka that day, but put the brakes to that idea.

  15. Ethan Skie says:

    The reason I went for WM4 is despite watching it on numerous occasions, like I have with every WM. I just never got the same buzz watching it as all the others, there were some great matches but I just didn’t get that WM wow factor from it.

  16. Kid Vicious says:

    Ethan, what do you think it was that killed the buzz with it? The length? I can understand you picking it from that era because 3,5,6, and 7 were better watches, and Hogan being eliminated so early on was a blow to any youngster of the time. I was just thrown when it came up, thinking the worst would be 9, 11 or anything from 2004.

  17. ironFNmaiden says:

    11……..that terrible Hart / Backlund match

  18. MC Live says:

    11. There aren’t any matches that get brought up repeatedly. If the WWE doesn’t bring it up often, then it was a bust. The others all had at least one match or moment that is remembered. 11 had Lawerence Taylor. And they don’t speak of that often. He was once upon a time my favorite player from my favorite team (Pre-headlines if you remember that ordeal) but it’s not a WrestleMania they look back on with pride, so for me that’s the deciding factor

  19. someone says:

    9, 11 and 27 were the worst. Wrestlemania 25 besides taker/hbk was total crap. I think 11 is my “NR.1”.

  20. Haywood jablowme says:

    27 is the worst wrestlemania I have witnessed.

  21. Scott II says:

    That is true about 11. You do kinda forget that WrestleMania even happened.

  22. Chicago Made Punk says:

    Wrestlemania 29 for sure.

  23. Motorhead says:

    I’d say 2, 9, 11, 12, & 23

    WM 4 is my personal favorite, and 7 has its moments. Tag match and retirment match save the show.

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