3/27 WWE NXT Live Event Results

Mar 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

From Dennis Boyle:

From The Orlando Armory in Orlando, Florida. 3/27/2013

It should be noted, that during the national anthem, while everyone else was standing looking at the flag, Billy Gunn, who was at the ring bell table to observe the matches as a coach and had a pretty major attitude, wasn’t even looking at the flag and didn’t have his hand on his chest. It was so obvious because it was a tiny building and he was the ONLY one who didn’t. Haha.

Sammy Zayne (El Generico) def. Mojo Rawley. Very fun match, lots of energy from both guys. Tornado DDT got the job done.

Jake Carter & Garett Dylan (w/Sylvester LeFort) def. Derick Bateman & Mike Dalton. Another fun match, Lefort is a GREAT heel manager. A nice double team finisher ended this one.

Mason Ryan def. Alexsander Rusev. A SUPERHEAVYWEIGHT match if there ever was one. These guys were huge, especially Ryan, FREAKISHLY LARGE in person.

Luke Harper & Rowan def. Percy Watson & Dante Dash. Again, fun, Wyatt Family pick up the win when Harper pins Percy.

Adrian Neville def. Rick Victor. Neville is insanely athletic in person. Scary. He won with a springboard 450 ala AJ Styles but got SO Much higher than AJ can.

Emma & Audrey Marie def. Charlotte (Flair’s Daughter) & Sasha Banks. Good match. Emma makes Charlotte tap out to her unique surfboard submission.

Bray Wyatt def. Kassius Ohno in BY FAR the match of the night. Amazing match, great reversals, just awesome stuff. He KISSED Ohno before dropping him with the move, and pinned him in the most homoerotic way possible, then after the 3 count, spooned with Ohno’s unconscious body. Wow. haha.

Main Event: 4 Way Elimination Match: Xavier Woods vs. Conor O’Brien vs. Leo Kruger vs. Corey Graves.

Awesome match. Lots of hysterical interactions between all 4 before it got underway. You could tell they were having fun with it. O’Brien eliminated 1st when they all pile on top of him for the pin. Kruger taps to Graves after they double teamed Woods forever, Graves turned on him. And Graves tried to walk out… but BIG E LANGSTON’S music hits, he throws Graves back in the ring and Woods hits his finisher for the win… Big E then gets in the ring to celebrate with Woods… only to then drop him with the Big Ending… a couple times, then counted to 5. Then Picked up Graves corpse, and did it a few more times with him. It went on for a while and was so much fun.

I HIGHLY recommend everybody go to an NXT house show if they can, you meet EVERYONE. And the matches are so much fun. I met Billy Gunn, Bill DeMott, Big E, Paige, Summer Rae, Bateman… I’ll save myself some typing… I met EVERYONE except Ohno, Generico, O’Brien, and Graves… but I’ve met all of them at past shows. Amazing experience.

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