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Daily Discussion: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

Today’s topic: Two part question. One, if you were booking Wrestlemania, how would the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar end? Secondly, how do you think WWE will book the match?

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  1. Kid Vicious says:

    Now that Brock’s signed on for a another couple of years, I think it’s important to keep him strong rather than have him lose to a soon-to-retire HHH. However the matched swayed back-n-forth, I’d have Brock win and win clean. Why wouldn’t the former UFC Heavyweight Champ be able to beat a mid-40’s man that’s now well past his peak? Would HHH agree to this? I don’t know. But he’d have been written out and would be able to dedicate his time behind the scenes, having had his Wrestlemania sign off. Brock goes forward, still strong. He can continue to be the wrecking machine in his occasional appearances throughout 2013. Then come 2014 (after Wrestlemania) he either signs another extension or it’s time to give something back. And by give it back I mean help firmly establish people like Rollins, Ambrose, Hero, PAC etc.

  2. Jake Allen says:

    Vince never cares about the legacy of Wrestlemania’s after they’ve come and gone, so I expect H to win for no real reason with a lame third pedigree move.

    But I would say the best way for this to end would be for Brock to lose via DQ, borderline killing H (storyline, of course) and the match jsut ending because H can’t go anymore. With the way Brock lost to Cena on his first match back, Brock should have lost to H at their SummerSlam match by not caring about getting pinfalls or submissions. There’s now a chance to amend that mistake at WM and make Brock the dominant force that the WWE wants him to be.

    Brock should win by F-5’ing H off the entrance stage to the floor below (seriously)

  3. Chewie215 says:

    Brock vs rock wwe title.

  4. Jempires One says:

    If they cared about business, Triple H would lose. He is not the big star he thinks he is. He was a major star but not on the level of Cena, Taker, Rock. He never drew money as a focal point- he was always in a feud with a major guy like Austin or Rock that drew the money.

    Besides, if he “retires” he can still come back in a few years for another small run. Wouldn’t be the first time it has happened….

  5. Saint Savage says:

    When was the last time Triple H won at WM?

  6. Mike says:

    How would I book it?

    Simple Triple H goes over due to outside interference by Heyman.

    How will WWE book it?

    This is a bit touchy. Their track record even with handling HHH has been crap at best, which is a shocker for obvious reasons. I think Triple H loses, due to outside interference, maybe by Stephanie but more obviously by Paul.

  7. cas says:

    If I were booking it, I would have it end in a no contest. if i remember right, trips signed to wrestle a few more years as well right?? no contest is already set going from summer slam. brock put over is stomach issues, HHH has the arm. HHH attacks the mid section, brock breaks the arm, neither man gives up. how i think they will book it, brock wins. somehow stephanie is in distress and HHH has to chose. or there is a DX reunion and brock is the party. i will be shocked if there is a clean win from either

  8. James says:

    That’s a good point, Cas. Hunter should target his mid-section, as Brock had a history of problems with diverticulitis. He could use that to his advantage.

  9. MC Live says:

    Anybody who thinks WWE won’t book a Triple H win is stupid. It’s just not gonna be Brock’s night. If I were booking, I would not have put his career on the line, I would have put it in a Hell in a Cell, and then Brock would win. But there is no chance in hell, no pun intended, Brock actually wins this. I like Triple H, always have, and contrary to Bret Hart I would put him in the Top 1000 wrestlers. But he’s captain ego in the booking room. How many people has he buried puttin himself over at the wrong time? He’s gonna beat Brock because A) WWE wants to bring it full circle, and the only reason he “retired” after Summerslam is to get more heat on Brock for Triple H to come back and win the WrestleMania match and B) Triple H is not done wrestling yet, and WWE wouldn’t have him “retire” when we all know he’ll be back. The career on the line stip wouldn’t have been made unless they already decided Triple H wins. Triple H will win.
    Also, @Jake Allen, how can Brock be DQ’d in a No Holds Barred match, where they specifically said No DQ’s? Logic, anyone?

  10. Guled says:

    have shawn come & turn heel by attacking hhh

  11. Jake Allen says:

    @MC Live

    Then it goes to a No Contest. The idea is simple – Have Brock go over as the monster you’re promoting him as.

  12. -J- says:

    brock will beat the living crap out of hhh because its real…its damn real.

  13. The Sheild says:

    All arguments aside, HHH will win due to simple booking Logic, he lost 2 ppv matches in a row to Brock. Unless they were trying to bury HHH & super push Brock him beating HHH 3 times, especially withwith the 3rd being Mania, on ppv isn’t happening

  14. T says:

    Since when do retirement clauses mean anything in wrestling? Flair. Savage. …etc

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