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Twelve years ago today Nitro airs for the final time

Twelve years ago, the Monday night wars came to a close with a shocking
night on television: Vince McMahon announcing live on RAW that he
purchased WCW and his son Shane McMahon appearing on Nitro to say it’s him
he bought WCW and not his father. A surely once-in-a-lifetime episode of
RAW and Nitro came together with a simulcast – RAW on TNN and Nitro on TNT
– to kick off the Invasion storyline that for all intents and purposes,
failed on many levels with the audience. When Shane McMahon and his crew
arrived at the final episode of Nitro, nobody knew what was about to
happen, and changes were made backstage to accommodate the new owners.
Earlier in the broadcast, Booker T won the WCW title from Scott Steiner
and then Ric Flair and Sting wrestled in the final match ever on Nitro,
with Sting coming out victorious with the Scorpion Death Lock. The two
then shooked hands and hugged before clearing the ring for the biggest
surprise of the night – Shane McMahon in the middle of the ring live on
Nitro. After both McMahons traded words and the segment was over, so was
WCW’s legacy with the final show in Panama City. The March 26 episode of
WCW Nitro opened up with Vince McMahon live from RAW’s site – the Gund
Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, to announce his purchase of WCW and the show
ended with a pay-per-view trailer for WrestleMania X-Seven, which was
about to take place that coming Sunday!

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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11 Responses

  1. TruthymcTruthertruth says:

    And then the decline struck.

  2. Ahmad says:

    I never really saw how the Invasion storyline failed like many people said it did…..I for one enjoyed it!

  3. Prince Dann says:

    Does this make anyone else feel suddenly feel old? :L

  4. JD Storm says:

    yeah, i’m feeling old Prince Dann. this also reminds me of how depressing this was, all those years ago.

  5. Fairfax says:

    It makes me feel old! I remember being excited to watch the very first WCW Monday Nitro! I remember being excited to watch after Ted Turner purchased the company from the Crockett family! And I vaguely remember watching Ricky Steamboat defeat Ric Flair for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. My Dad was never a big wrestling fan but he always liked the Nature Boy. That memory along with The Big Event where Andre sold the WWF title to Dibiase are the earliest vivid memories of not just watching, I had watched for a few years, but becoming obsessed with pro wrestling! I was 7. My poor Mother! Haha I feel for todays youth. That was a great time to be a seven year old kid!

  6. Fisha695 says:

    I still remember the promo that Flair gave as one of the most ‘real’ promos about the industry that I’ve ever (til this day) heard.

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