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Hogan wanted to be a heel against Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VI

Excerpt from an interview Fighting Spirit Magazine did with Hulk Hogan…

“Vince and I were best friends, but when we talked about money, we were enemies,” said Hogan. “So I went [to WCW] with the red and yellow, beat Ric Flair, and Hulkamania took off again. Then, creatively, I turned into a bad guy, which I always wanted to do in the WWF, but nobody wanted me to. I always said, ‘I could be the best bad guy ever. Just let me do it’, but no-one wanted me to be a bad guy.

“At Warrior’s time, I really wanted to f–k him as a bad guy; I wanted to beat The Ultimate Warrior in Toronto, but as a heel. I just thought it would be intense, and I would be the best bad guy ever. I could have done it, and then said, ‘Forget the prayers and the vitamins, I did it for the money!’ But it’s just creative differences, and Vince knows what he’s doing, believe me. I just wanted to try something different in the WWF.”

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  1. Hipnosis says:

    I’m sure Hogan meant “Face him as a bad guy” but… eehh…. never know….

  2. John48221 says:


  3. Nick A says:

    Ultimate Warrior would have had a MUCH better title run if he beat a heel Hogan to get the belt.

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